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"First Talk" host Hal Row with Christy Gwyn (Hickory City Schools Director of School Nutrition) as WHKY receives the Lunch Bell Award
WHKY staff photo by Vince Gullett

WHKY Receives Lunch Bell Award

WHKY has been recognized with The Lunch Bell Award for Radio & Television. Christy Gwyn, the newly appointed Hickory City Schools Director of School Nutrition, presented the award to Hal Row during WHKY’s “First Talk” program on Tuesday, June 18. Ms. Gwyn accepted the Lunch Bell Award on behalf of WHKY at the School Nutrition Association conference earlier this month in Greensboro.

The Lunch Bell Award was established in June 1980 by the School Nutrition Association of North Carolina. The awards are presented annually for outstanding service in the interpretation of nutrition education and/or school food services. The Lunch Bell Awards recognize the impact of the news media on public awareness and the public’s understanding of the need for good nutrition and nutrition education, as well as the role of Child Nutrition Programs and the public schools in meeting this need.