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Town of Glen Alpiine Now in Compliance with A.D.A.

U.S. Attorney Dena J. King announced today (July 2) that the Town of Glen Alpine has remedied several violations of the Americans with Disabilities Act (A.D.A.) to ensure that individuals with disabilities have equal access to its Town Hall building.

The U.S. Attorney’s Office initiated an investigation following a complaint filed with the U.S. Department of Justice, claiming that the Town of Glen Alpine violated the A.D.A. by failing to provide reasonable accommodations to permit access to its town hall for residents with disabilities. The Town of Glen Alpine cooperated with the investigation and has resolved the A.D.A. violations in accordance with the law, regulations, and the 2010 A.D.A. Standards of Accessible Design.

The modifications include: (1) an accessible parking space in front of town hall adjacent to a ramp and an accessible sign mounted at least 60” from the ground; (2) town hall now has a smooth and unobstructed ramp with A.D.A. compliant handrails on each side; (3) there is a doorbell at the accessible entrance; (4) the interior route from the accessible entrance is clear and unobstructed; (5) insulation was added to the exposed pipes in each bathroom; and (6) the town added Braille signage to the conference room where its meetings are held. In addition, new A.D.A. compliant ramps were also added to the stage and gazebo, bringing them into A.D.A. compliance.