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from left: Mei Qun Hu, Juhua Wan, & Hong Du
courtesy of Statesville Police Dept.

Three Charged in Connection with Prostitution at Statesville Spa

54-year-old Mei Qun Hu, 46-year-old Juhua Wan, and 60-year-old Hong Du have all been arrested by Statesville Police for their involvement in the solicitation of prostitution at Breeze Spa on Signal Hill Drive in Statesville. Mei Qun Hu, who was identified as the manager of the spa, was charged with felony promotion of prostitution and unlicensed massage therapy. Juhua Wan was charged with solicitation of prostitution and unlicensed massage therapy, while Hong Du was charged for practicing massage therapy without a license.

They were arrested on March 28 following numerous complaints from citizens. In October of last year, Statesville Police launched an investigation into suspected illicit activities at the spa. Reports indicated instances of inappropriate touching and solicitation of sexual acts during massages. Undercover Investigators were deployed on multiple occasions, each time encountering propositions for sexual services in exchange for payment.

During the course of the investigation, Officers learned that the owner of Breeze Spa also operated A-1 Spa in Monroe. Collaborating with the Monroe Police Department, authorities discovered similar activities at the spa in Monroe, which was subsequently renamed Yan Spa. Even after the apparent sale of both businesses, undercover operations revealed that the illicit activities persisted.

Mei Qun Hu will appear in court on April 17. Juhua Wan and Hong Du have court dates set for April 29.

The Statesville Police Department expressed its appreciation to the Monroe and Winston-Salem police departments, and to Homeland Security Investigations for their collaboration and support. The investigation is ongoing. Additional arrests are possible.