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Therapy Dog To Become Part Of Paramedic Team
Therapy Dog "Joules"
Courtesy of Caldwell County Government

Therapy Dog To Become Part Of Paramedic Team

Always looking for ways to better serve her patients and clients, Community Paramedic Tara Swanson recommended adding a therapy dog to their team. Once she had permission to move forward, Swanson worked with Caldwell County Animal Care Enforcement Division to adopt Joules, a 12-week-old American Bulldog mix in April.

“I knew from the very beginning that I wanted a rescue dog for our program, because she would spend a majority of her time working with clients in our RESTART program, who, much like Joules, have a second chance for a better life,” said Swanson.

Once she is certified as a therapy dog, Joules will provide affection, comfort, and support to RESTART clients, people suffering from opioid addiction, and others in our community.

Before Joules and Swanson can work with clients, they must complete training. Currently, the pair are working with Cameron Lauterbach, owner and lead trainer for the Blue Ridge Canine Academy in Hickory, and James Whiteheart, a private trainer for ring sport competition canines.

“We are fortunate to have two of the top trainers in our area working with us for free,” said Swanson. “They are teaching the two of use commands and techniques to help Joules interact with clients and the community. While Joules is learning quickly, I believe the training is for me as much as for her.”

Joules and Swanson hope to be certified within a year to work with clients. For now, Joules is successfully providing stress relief for staff and starring in her own social media @lovely_joules.