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suspect in bomb threat at Iredell County Courthouse
all photos courtesy of Iredell Co. Sheriff's Office

Suspect Sought in Statesville Bomb Threat

At about 2:20 yesterday afternoon (October 25), an Iredell County Clerk of Court staffer took a call stating there were explosive devices in the Iredell County Courthouse on Stockton Street in Statesville and in the District Attorney’s Office. The caller said he placed the explosive devices in both buildings because a family member had recently been sentenced to prison.

When the call came in, there were over 100 citizens and employees in both buildings. Deputies and Investigators responded and ordered an evacuation. Once the buildings were secured, Explosive Detection Canines searched the buildings. After a thorough search, Deputies determined there were no explosive devices present and both buildings were deemed safe.

Investigators interviewed the person who took the phone call and other witnesses at the scene. Investigators determined the phone call came in from an electronic device utilizing a public Wi-Fi signal. The Wi-Fi signal originated at a business on North Center Street.

Investigators went to the business and obtained video surveillance footage of a white male throwing a handheld computer tablet into a dumpster. The tablet was recovered and is currently being processed for evidence. Investigators then went to another business across the street and obtained more footage of the same person.

The man walked to the courthouse parking lot, got into a light-colored S.U.V., and drove away before Deputies secured the area.

Anyone with information regarding the suspect or the suspect vehicle should call the Iredell County Sheriff’s Office at 704-878-3100.