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L-R: Zachary Aaron Roach and Catherine Elizabeth Allman
Courtesy of Burke County Sheriff's Office

Suspects Reportedly Illegally Living At Residence Arrested And Charged

58-year-old Zachary Aaron Roach and 27-year-old Catherine Elizabeth Allman, both of the same Pleasant View Loop, Morganton address, were arrested by Burke County Sheriff’s Officers. Roach is charged with two felony counts of possession of a stolen motor vehicle along with a single felony count of obtaining property by false pretense. Allman is charged with felony possession of methamphetamine and misdemeanor second-degree trespassing. WHKY previously reported on Roach’s arrest.

The Sheriff’s Office received multiple complaints about the occupants of the suspect’s address on Pleasant View Loop. The McDowell County Sheriff’s Office contacted the Burke County Sheriff’s Office in reference to Roach who they believed may have been in possession of multiple stolen vehicles. Roach had been known by law enforcement to be staying at this residence for at least one year.

Photo courtesy of Burke County Sheriff’s Office

Detectives learned that the legal owners of the property were members of a trust and were not aware that anyone was living there and had not given anyone permission to be there. On February 15, the Burke County Sheriff’s Office served a no trespassing order at that address. The Burke County Sheriff’s Office received permission from the owners to enter the property and remove any people there.

Photo courtesy of Burke County Sheriff’s Office

During the execution of the order, Roach and Allman were found in the residence. During a search of the residence, police found approximately 4-1/2 pounds of marijuana, eight grams of crack cocaine, and two grams of methamphetamine. Four stolen vehicles were also found and seized.

Photo courtesy of Burke County Sheriff’s Office

Both Roach and Allman were transported to the Burke County Magistrate’s Office. Two to three hours later, detectives drove back to check on the property. Upon arrival, they discovered that Allman had already posted her bond and returned to the residence. She was arrested and charged with second-degree trespassing again. Additional charges related to the items found inside the residence are pending.

Neither suspect was listed as an inmate in Burke County as of earlier today (February 20). They’re both scheduled to appear in District Court March 8.