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Suspect In Murder Of Woman At Hickory Business Appears In Court
L-R: Tangela Louise Parker and Eric Carroll Parker
Courtesy of Catawba County Sheriff's Office

Suspect In Murder Of Woman At Hickory Business Appears In Court

A Taylorsville woman charged with shooting and killing her co-worker at a furniture factory in Hickory last year was back in court Wednesday (May 18). 50-year-old Tangela Louise Parker appeared in Catawba County Superior Court.

Defense attorney Victoria Jayne is representing Parker. The two were in Catawba County Superior Court to hear motions that had been filed in March. According to our news partner WACB, Jayne requested the medical records of the victim, Phelifa Michelle Marlow, as well as an opportunity to examine Marlow’s cellphone.

Parker is charged with first-degree murder in connection to the shooting death of Marlow, who was shot and killed at TCS Designs in Hickory on January 13, 2021. Parker and her husband, 61-year-old Eric Carroll Parker, were also TCS Designs employees. The Parkers were arrested in Arizona six months after the shooting. Eric Parker is charged with accessory after the fact of murder.

Phelifa Michelle Marlow
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According to our news partner, Jayne said in court that Marlow seemed to have a desire to get Parker fired from TCS Designs. Jayne said the level of drugs in Marlow’s system could explain some of Marlow’s behavior, but she would need to know why Marlow was taking the medication to make any determinations.

Assistant District Attorney Lance Sigmon reportedly said that the case boiled down to the fact that Parker was suspended for three days by her employer when she returned back to work. He added that’s when she approached the victim, brought a gun to work, and basically shot her without warning.

Eight of Marlow’s family members were present at Wednesday’s hearing. Both suspects in this case remained in the Catawba County Detention Facility as of earlier today (May 19). Tangela Parker’s bond is $250,000, Eric Parker’s bond is $125,000. The next Superior Court appearance for each suspect is scheduled for July 18.

[Story courtesy of Rick Gilbert, WACB]