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James Edward Howard-Shaw
Courtesy of Burke County P2C website

Suspect Charged With Altering Firearm

19-year-old James Edward Howard-Shaw of Hillhaven Circle in Morganton was arrested by Morganton Public Safety Officers. He’s charged with felony alter or remove a gun serial number.

Howard-Shaw was arrested after police responded to an address on 1st Street in Morganton shortly before 12:30 a.m. on December 6. The firearm involved in this case is listed as a Ruger 45 SR. Police reports say Howard-Shaw was arrested, searched, and transported to the Burke County Jail.

Howard-Shaw was placed in jail under $10,000 secured bond following his arrest. As of earlier today (December 14), he was not listed as an inmate in Burke County. A District Court appearance is scheduled Friday (December 15).