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Dallas James McDaniel
Courtesy of Alexander County P2C website

Suspect Awaiting Court Appearance Falls Asleep, Sentenced To Jail Time For Contempt

22-year-old Dallas James McDaniel of Taylorsville was arrested Monday (January 22) by authorities in Alexander County. He’s charged with criminal contempt of court and has been sentenced to local jail time.

On Monday, McDaniel was in Alexander County District Court. He was scheduled to appear on counts of felony breaking and entering and larceny. The charges are connected to an arrest made by the Alexander County Sheriff’s Office in December.

According to our news partner, WACB, McDaniel fell asleep in court while waiting for his name to be called. He reportedly began to snore, loudly enough to be heard by the presiding judge, who ordered that he be awakened. McDaniel was brought to the bench and cited for contempt of court and ordered to serve a sentence of 15 days in the County Detention Center.

According to reports, McDaniel was allegedly in possession of what may be a controlled substance at the time he fell asleep in court. Charges are possible, depending upon results of tests to determine the type of substance McDaniel possessed. His previous charges were continued.

McDaniel also has a string of misdemeanor charges pending in Caldwell and Catawba Counties. Those charges include multiple counts of larceny and possession of stolen goods in Caldwell and larceny in Catawba County. A Caldwell County District Court date is scheduled for February 8, and a Catawba County District Court appearance is set for March 13. His current local jail sentence is scheduled to end February 6.

[Story courtesy of Rick Gilbert, WACB]