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Standoff Reported At Residence In Morganton

Standoff Reported At Residence In Morganton

A standoff between police and a man who reportedly barricaded himself in a home occurred in Morganton Sunday (November 28), it ended with the individual being brought to the hospital. According to various published reports and information released by the Morganton Department of Public Safety, the standoff occurred over a time period of more than five hours.

According to reports, Public Safety Officers were dispatched to a welfare check at an apartment on Second Street approximately 1:30 p.m. Sunday. Police were told by witnesses that a man had accidentally shot himself before going inside the residence.

When police arrived at the scene, the man would not leave the dwelling. Published reports say he barricaded himself in the apartment. After approximately five hours of negotiations with officers, the man began to cooperate.

Morganton Public Safety Officers went upstairs and brought the man to an ambulance at which time he was taken to a local hospital without further incident. Officers who responded to the scene reportedly found multiple handguns in the man’s possession.

According to a statement issued Sunday evening by Morganton Public Safety, no injuries occurred other than the initial injury to the man who accidentally shot himself. In addition to Public Safety, Burke County EMS responded to the scene.