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South Fork Athletic Conference Revises Volleyball, Basketball Schedules

South Fork Athletic Conference Revises Volleyball, Basketball Schedules

In a press release sent from Butch Parker, the Conference Administrator for the South Fork 2A Athletic Conference, the conference will be going through rescheduling and a new basketball format for the upcoming season.

The press releases reads:

In order to get the number of remaining games in and in the deadline for the Volleyball Playoffs, we have completed an entirely new schedule. It is attached (see below) and has 1 double-header, and One Tri-Match. This allows us to finish before the January 9th Playoff Reporting.

The NCHSAA will seed teams based on Winning Percentage off of Maxpreps, regardless of number of games played. You will see that some teams will not get 14 in. As far as the Conference Championship, it will be determined based on an 11 game schedule, which means that each of the Top 5 teams, may drop 1 game each that they played against the bottom 3 teams, in order to have 11 games. We understand that several Conferences are facing the same issue as we have. It is attached with this email. The South Fork Conference has 2 Automatic Playoff Berths.

In addition, The SFAC has decided to play a different format in Basketball this year. The Junior Varsity Girls will play, followed by the Varsity Girls. Then, the Junior Varsity Boys will play and finish up with the Boys Varsity. This will allow us to let teams that practice together, ride to and from games, and hopefully help us to avoid multiple Covid-19 reschedules. Also, any games scheduled against Lake Norman Charter, will begin at 4:30 with Varsity Girls, as they are not fielding a JV Girls team.

Revised volleyball schedule is here