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Settlement Reached In Case Involving Collapse Of Arches In Hickory

The City of Hickory reached a settlement in its lawsuit regarding the collapse of the wooden arches that occurred in February 2022.

Through mediation, a settlement agreement in the amount of $1.325 million was reached between the City of Hickory and defendants Neill Grading and Construction Company, Inc.; Dane Construction Company, Inc.; Western Wood Structures, Inc.; Western Wood Chief Engineer Paul Gilham; and WSP USA Environment & Infrastructure.

Photo from above Rudy Wright bridge courtesy of Nelson Aerial Productions Facebook page

Hickory City Council voted to approve the settlement agreement at their meeting Tuesday (October 17). Hickory Mayor Hank Guess said “We’re pleased with the results of the litigation. With this settlement agreement, all parties can turn their attention to the future. The City of Hickory looks forward to continuing to build the Hickory Trail and craft a resilient, more vibrant community.”