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Scam Warning Issued By Area Law Enforcement Agency

The Burke County Sheriff’s Office has issued a scam warning. On Wednesday (January 3), a citizen reported to the Sheriff’s Office that someone had called him and claimed to be Lt. Caleb Terry with that agency. The caller told the citizen that he had failed to appear for the Grand Jury and there was a bench warrant for his arrest.

The caller proceeded to tell the citizen that he needed to send a cashier’s check for $7,000 to avoid being arrested. The citizen became suspicious of the phone call and hung up and called the Sheriff’s Office and learned that the call was a scam.

The Sheriff’s Office will never ask anyone to provide a cashier’s check or gift card to pay a fine to avoid an arrest. Be cautious of callers representing themselves as a law enforcement officer and asking for payment via this method. If you are suspicious of a caller and the information they are providing you, hang up and call your local law enforcement.

Scammers can disguise their phone number using an APP that displays a bogus phone number like the one of your local law enforcement agency. These phone calls are almost impossible to trace. If you have any questions concerning a call from someone claiming to be a Burke County Sheriff’s Office employee, or a worker at any law enforcement agency, contact authorities to verify the information. If this happens to you in Burke County, the Sheriff’s Office number to call is 828-438-5500.