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Scam Reports Under Investigation By Authorities

Residents in Lincoln County continue to receive jury duty phone call scams and bank fraud scams.

On March 4, 2024, a report was filed with the Lincoln County Sheriff’s Office by a resident who was the victim of the jury duty scam. The individual said he received a phone call from two people who claimed to work for the Lincoln County Sheriff’s Office. The initial caller identified himself as Sgt. Whitaker, no one by that name works at the Sheriff’s Office, and advised the victim there was a warrant for his arrest for failing to appear for federal grand jury and contempt of court.

The victim was then transferred to another person who stated he needed to pay $300 bond for each of the charges and then appear before a judge. When the victim told the caller he would come by the Lincoln County Sheriff’s Office to clear up the problem he was told he would be arrested. While still on the phone with the scammer he drove to a nearby business and deposited $600 into a coin machine and completed a transfer of the money. He deposited another $600 when told the first transfer of funds went to the wrong account.

On March 2, 2024, a Lincoln County resident received a call from someone that a news release from the Lincoln County Sheriff’s Office says sounded like a foreigner who told the victim he was with Truist Bank. The man stated his name was Jason and the victim’s bank account had been hacked. The caller stated he needed some additional account information which was provided. Since that call, the victim lost more than $3,700 from the bank account. The victim called the bank and was told the individual who called was not a Truist Bank employee.

Law enforcement does not accept money to cancel a warrant, a summons or an order for arrest. All warrants are served in person and not by telephone. Citizens should not provide any personal identifying information over the phone or purchase any money cards or exchange any money in reference to such calls. Citizens are urged to hang up the phone without providing information or taking any action. You may be pressured to stay on the phone but you should resist and hang up.

In North Carolina, court officials and law enforcement officers never make phone calls to threaten arrest and warn you of an impending arrest for failing to appear in court. This is a scam and all you need to do is hang up the phone.

[News release courtesy of Lincoln County Sheriff’s Office]