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SAC Commissioner’s Honor Roll Show 349 Lenoir-Rhyne Student-Athletes

The South Atlantic Conference announced that 2,886 student-athletes, spanning each of the Conference’s 13 member institutions, were named to the 2022-23 SAC Commissioner’s Honor Roll and Lenoir-Rhyne placed a school record 349 student-athletes on the list.

To be eligible for inclusion on the SAC Commissioner’s Honor Roll, student-athletes must have competed in a sponsored championship sport and maintained a GPA of 3.30 or higher throughout the academic year.

“We are honored to recognize a record number of our student-athletes for their outstanding academic accomplishments,” said SAC Commissioner Patrick Britz. “This is the fourth consecutive year that we have had more than 2,000 student-athletes be recognized
for their outstanding achievements in the classroom, which is a testament to the high priority our member institutions continue to place on academic success. On behalf of the entire South Atlantic Conference, I want to express how extremely proud we are of the hard work and dedication these student-athletes put in the classroom and in their athletic arena.”

Alexander Rich JR BASE Exercise Science 3.88
Andrew Cook SR BASE Management 3.72
Andrew Patrick GRAD BASE Master of Arts in Teaching 4.00
Benjamin Michael FRES BASE Finance 3.93
Blake Bean GRAD BASE Accounting Concentration 3.60
Brandon Matias JR BASE ELA/SS Secondary Education 6 3.65
Bryce Fuller FRES BASE Political Science 3.81
Bryce Stober SR BASE Management 3.93
Bryson McGinnis SR BASE Sports Management 3.83
Caleb Cockerham SOPH BASE Exercise Science 3.45
Caleb Fluno SR BASE Biology 4.00
Casey Kruger GRAD BASE Leadership 4.00
Christian Chinen FRES BASE Sports Management 3.34
Cole Laskowski JR BASE Sports Management 3.64
Cole Nelson SOPH BASE Sports Management 3.74
Dakota Caughey GRAD BASE Leadership 3.41
David Bell SR BASE Sports Management 3.75
Eli Willen SOPH BASE Entrepreneurship 3.55
Ethan Smith SR BASE Economics 3.67
Garrett Sanner FRES BASE Exercise Science 3.78
Gavin Marley SOPH BASE Exercise Science 3.77
George Gallo JR BASE Finance 3.52
Hogan Stallings SOPH BASE Sports Management 3.93
Jackson Reid SR BASE Management 3.50
Joshua Lanham JR BASE Sports Management 3.63
Kai Montano JR BASE Exercise Science 3.38
Luke Elmore SOPH BASE Management 3.62
Maxwell Stocco FRES BASE Management 3.74
Michael Cuda GRAD BASE MBA – Business Analytics & IT Concentration 3.96
Nathan Kidder SOPH BASE Accounting 3.91
Roland Thivierge GRAD BASE Business Administration 3.88
Tyler McPeak GRAD BASE Business Administration 3.52
Walter Benjamin SR BASE Sports Management 3.65
Zachary Evans JR BASE Sports Management 3.57
Aiden Heilmann FRES FOOTBA Undeclared 3.87
Alvin James JR FOOTBA Entrepreneurship 3.42
Austin Cagle SR FOOTBA Sports Management 4.00
Blake Jefferson SR FOOTBA Economics 3.85
Brett Childers SR FOOTBA History 4.00
Bryce Heidinger GRAD FOOTBA Business Administration 3.84
Buck Barrett SOPH FOOTBA Environmental Science and Policy 3.81
Cameron Gordon SOPH FOOTBA Exercise Science 3.54
Carson Thomas FRES FOOTBA Professional Sales 3.97
Chase Childers JR FOOTBA STEM Secondary Education 6-12 3.96
Christopher Brown JR FOOTBA Management 3.53
Connor Lachesky FRES FOOTBA Biology 3.69
Damien Savage GRAD FOOTBA MBA – Global Business 3.57
Darius Bowser FRES FOOTBA Management 3.97
Dearee Rogers FRES FOOTBA Sports Management 3.53
Dennis Nance SR FOOTBA Finance 3.80
Devin Hibbitt JR FOOTBA Sports Management 3.71
George Futch FRES FOOTBA Sports Management 3.56
Isaac Chapman SR FOOTBA Sports Management 3.58
Jacob Patterson SR FOOTBA Medical Studies BS only 3.31
Jacob Prince FRES FOOTBA Exercise Science 3.93
John Godwin SOPH FOOTBA Management 3.31
Jonah Clark SOPH FOOTBA Marketing 3.59
Jonathan Hardin FRES FOOTBA Sports Management 3.88
Jonathan Maye JR FOOTBA Management 3.61
Landon Eagler FRES FOOTBA Undeclared 3.63
Layton Allen FRES FOOTBA Entrepreneurship 3.88
Malachi Howell FRES FOOTBA Management 3.35
Malakei Sumner JR FOOTBA Exercise Science 4.00
Malik Simmons SOPH FOOTBA Marketing 3.55
Matthew Hancock JR FOOTBA English 3.96
Mikal Shook SR FOOTBA Exercise Science 3.67
Nathan Norys FRES FOOTBA Management 3.64
Parker Styborski FRES FOOTBA Undeclared 3.58
Percy King SR FOOTBA Marketing 3.75
Rashad Yelding GRAD FOOTBA Business Administration 3.90
Saige Ley SR FOOTBA Exercise Science 3.64
Samuel Whitt FRES FOOTBA Management 4.00
Sean White JR FOOTBA History 3.97
Shane Wells SR FOOTBA Environmental Science and Policy 3.67
Tatum O’Bryan FRES FOOTBA ELA/SS Secondary Education 6 3.91
William Montgomery FRES FOOTBA Finance 3.60
Willie Lane JR FOOTBA Criminal Justice 3.68
Xavier Jennings JR FOOTBA Exercise Science 3.97
Hamilton Campbell FRES MBASKE Sports Management 4.00
Percy Fyle JR MBASKE Physics 3.82
Timothy Steele SOPH MBASKE Sports Management 3.59
William Kelly FRES MBASKE Management 3.75
Eli Riggs SR MCC Nursing Administration 3.34
Harrison Hickman JR MCC International Business 3.36
Isaac Riggs JR MCC Biology 4.00
Noah Julian SOPH MCC Economics 3.69
Jake Moore FRES MGOLF Economics 3.71
Matthew Raybould GRAD MGOLF Business Administration 3.84
Nicholas Allison JR MGOLF Sports Management 4.00
Samuel Mace FRES MGOLF Undeclared 3.48
Sean Finan FRES MGOLF Undeclared 3.59
Thomas Robins JR MGOLF Finance 3.49
Ty Giesbrecht SOPH MGOLF Management 3.97
Brad Maslowski FRES MLACRO Undeclared 3.63
Brandon Webster JR MLACRO Marketing 3.58
Christian Starcke GRAD MLACRO Business Administration 3.78
Colby Lensing SR MLACRO Sports Management 4.00
Colten Mccracken JR MLACRO Criminal Justice 3.54
Cullin Walsh JR MLACRO Exercise Science 3.44
David Bell GRAD MLACRO Business Administration 3.70
Donovan Powell FRES MLACRO Exercise Science 3.81
Gabriel Smith JR MLACRO Marketing 3.55
John Shoemaker SOPH MLACRO Criminal Justice 3.90
Jonathan Paulus JR MLACRO Exercise Science 3.75
Joseph Masson JR MLACRO Management 3.58
Joseph Venazio GRAD MLACRO MBA – Business Analytics & IT Concentration 3.68
Kane Smith FRES MLACRO International Business 3.78
Kolson Huff SOPH MLACRO Finance 3.36
Kyle Mason GRAD MLACRO Exercise Science 3.93
Landon Parker FRES MLACRO Undeclared 3.71
Layne Harich JR MLACRO Sports Management 3.33
Liam Farrell SR MLACRO Accounting 3.96
Liam McGrath SR MLACRO Exercise Science 3.60
Mason Ickes FRES MLACRO Undeclared 3.75
Michael Coholan SR MLACRO Finance 3.44
Myles Moffat GRAD MLACRO Business Administration 3.90
Nathan Ashley JR MLACRO Management 3.68
Nicholas Kramer SOPH MLACRO Accounting 3.63
Nicholas Nies GRAD MLACRO Business Administration 3.81
Nickolas Moriates SOPH MLACRO Finance 4.00
Reese Remeika SR MLACRO Accounting 3.97
Riley Seay GRAD MLACRO Gateway Nursing 4.00
Ryan Langhoff FRES MLACRO Sports Management 3.76
Ryan Stanley FRES MLACRO Exercise Science 3.90
Thomas Aguilar JR MLACRO Sports Management 3.49
Tobin Miller FRES MLACRO International Business 3.87
Toron Eccleston SR MLACRO Finance 3.76
Trenton Hassel SOPH MLACRO Entrepreneurship 3.84
Victor Powell JR MLACRO Sports Management 3.67
Zachary Salo FRES MLACRO Accounting 3.97
Benjamin Levinson FRES MSOCC Multimedia Communication 3.67
Braden Runyon FRES MSOCC Undeclared 3.87
Camden Coleman JR MSOCC Exercise Science 3.95
Carles Montoliu Lobo SR MSOCC Physics 3.94
Colton Eliasen SOPH MSOCC Exercise Science 3.57
Hayden McVay FRES MSOCC Management 3.76
Javier Moya Torres GRAD MSOCC Business Administration 3.68
Jonas Moos Pedersen FRES MSOCC Undeclared 3.63
Juan Basabe Baque SR MSOCC Management 3.73
Luis Hernandez Velasco GRAD MSOCC MBA – Global Business 3.78
Macoy Strawn FRES MSOCC Sports Management 3.86
Miguel Montano Freire GRAD MSOCC Entrepreneurship 3.95
Nicolas Bohigues Lozano GRAD MSOCC MBA – Business Analytics & IT Concentration 3.73
Oliver Gardner JR MSOCC Psychology 3.63
Samuel Hagemann SOPH MSOCC Exercise Science 4.00
Samuel Metzger FRES MSOCC Exercise Science 3.97
Zackary Loudd JR MSOCC Sports Management 3.59
Christopher Forsey FRES MSWIM Undeclared 3.39
Christopher Glebus FRES MSWIM Exercise Science 3.81
Cooper Sledge FRES MSWIM Exercise Science 3.57
Cordin Schrum SOPH MSWIM Sports Management 3.44
Levi McRea SOPH MSWIM Computer Science – Cyber Security 3.69
Matthew Stein FRES MSWIM Exercise Science 3.85
Micah McRea SR MSWIM Political Science 3.76
Nathaniel McCormick SR MSWIM Biology 3.62
Noah Martin JR MSWIM History 3.94
Renato Herran FRES MSWIM Biology 3.48
Ryan Krejci SR MSWIM Multimedia Communication 3.94
Connor Gibson FRES MTENN Mathematics 3.54
Jacob Dalton SR MTENN Nursing Administration 3.74
Joel Hemmings JR MTENN Exercise Science 4.00
Joseph Cockman JR MTENN Finance 3.51
Mauricio Hernandez Gutierrez GRAD MTENN Business Administration 3.57
Patrik Alvestrand SR MTENN Management 4.00
Rufus Plane FRES MTENN Sociology 3.73
Zachary Cox SOPH MTENN Sports Management 4.00
Cameron Mcdaniel JR MTRACK Sports Management 3.71
Erik Darden JR MTRACK Community Health 3.41
Jackson Owens JR MTRACK Biochemistry 4.00
Jacob Parkinson SOPH MTRACK International Business 3.43
Jacob Wadsworth SR MTRACK Instructional Studies 3.68
Jason Whitehead SR MTRACK Criminal Justice 3.46
Jonathan Lakeman FRES MTRACK Philosophy 3.58
Lazarus Roberson FRES MTRACK Undeclared 3.38
Leonardo Martinez SR MTRACK Exercise Science 3.69
Michael Karicher SOPH MTRACK Computer Science 3.38
Monte’ Scott JR MTRACK Computer Science 3.67
Oliver Thatcher SOPH MTRACK Exercise Science 3.32
Philip Stoemne SOPH MTRACK Exercise Science 3.74
Royce Turner JR MTRACK Criminal Justice 3.42
Shane White FRES MTRACK Undeclared 3.79
Trent Davis JR MTRACK Exercise Science 3.58
Tyler Schultz FRES MTRACK Writing 3.82
Abbey Nixon FRES SOFT Exercise Science 3.91
Adda Prescott SOPH SOFT Sports Management 3.74
Alycea Gilliam FRES SOFT Exercise Science 3.34
Anna Blume SR SOFT Exercise Science 3.89
Brooklin Heavner SOPH SOFT Accounting 3.75
Camden Gerland FRES SOFT Exercise Science 4.00
Cassidy Wall SOPH SOFT Biology 3.47
Erin Lookabill JR SOFT Pre Nursing 3.73
Gianna Tamburello FRES SOFT Sociology 3.63
Julia Mardigian SOPH SOFT Pre Nursing 3.67
Katelyn Rackard SOPH SOFT Elementary Education 3.55
Kaylan Brown SOPH SOFT Pre Nursing 4.00
Lauren Jackson FRES SOFT Pre Nursing 3.89
Madison Jackson JR SOFT Exercise Science 3.53
Morgan Beeler SR SOFT Exercise Science 3.89
Talon LaClair GRAD SOFT Leadership 4.00
Zalma Ontiveros FRES SOFT Exercise Science 3.44
Aasia McNeill JR VOLLEY Sports Management 3.44
Amanda Planck JR VOLLEY Exercise Science 3.97
Bailey Carpenter GRAD VOLLEY Leadership 3.51
Cheyenne Clonch SOPH VOLLEY Elementary Education 4.00
Colette Romp SR VOLLEY Pre Medical Science 3.93
Emma Clark SR VOLLEY Psychology 3.72
Emmaleigh Allen SOPH VOLLEY Undeclared 4.00
Hannah Benson SR VOLLEY Elementary Education 3.91
Jaden Vaughn SOPH VOLLEY Accounting 3.90
Jenna Marr SOPH VOLLEY Exercise Science 3.85
Lyndsie Warren SOPH VOLLEY Accounting 4.00
MacKenzie Hulsey SR VOLLEY Mathematics 4.00
R Parkley Hennings JR VOLLEY Exercise Science 3.84
Rachel Wildermuth JR VOLLEY Management 3.97
Tegan Allan JR VOLLEY Sports Management 3.85
Abigail Wrede SOPH WBASKE Management 3.34
Azariah Fields GRAD WBASKE Masters of Public Health 3.85
Blaikley Crooks JR WBASKE Medical Studies BS only 3.83
Emily Harman JR WBASKE Sports Management 3.84
Hannah Stull GRAD WBASKE Human and Community Service 3.71
Josie Hise JR WBASKE Sports Management 3.91
Mikeba Jones GRAD WBASKE Clinical Mental Health Counseling 4.00
Tilda Lindstroem SOPH WBASKE Politics & International Affairs 3.85
Alexis Taylor SR WCC Psychology 3.40
Claudia Teran Romagosa FRES WCC Mathematics 3.72
Janet Kwambai SR WCC Nursing Administration 3.49
Kathrin Polke GRAD WCC MBA 4.00
Macy Landis SOPH WCC Graphic Design 4.00
Pierson McManus SR WCC Instructional Studies 3.97
Rebecca Fox SR WCC Environmental Science and Policy 3.80
Beatriz Espelosin Gonzalez Simarro SR WGOLF Management 3.42
Katie Sibley SR WGOLF Exercise Science 3.52
Lindsey Hodge JR WGOLF STEM Secondary Education 6-12 3.97
Mackenzie Foyle SR WGOLF Management 3.95
Patricia Asensio GRAD WGOLF MBA 3.95
Alexa Burghardt SOPH WLACRO Sports Management 3.91
Baleigh Childress SOPH WLACRO Multimedia Communication 3.72
Caitlyn Race FRES WLACRO Elementary Education 3.97
Cambrie Cochran SR WLACRO Nursing Administration 3.34
Chloe Christensen SOPH WLACRO Management 3.88
Elizabeth Black SR WLACRO Marketing 3.43
Ellie Campbell JR WLACRO Exercise Science 3.70
Emilee Foxall JR WLACRO Nursing Administration 3.49
Hannah Shuren GRAD WLACRO Business Administration 3.40
Isabella Haarhoff SOPH WLACRO Political Science 3.72
Kiley Yurchak SR WLACRO Exercise Science 3.78
Kirra Olson FRES WLACRO Sports Management 3.77
Mckenzie Walsh FRES WLACRO Exercise Science 3.56
Rianna Keough SOPH WLACRO Physics 3.96
Rylie McGhan FRES WLACRO Sports Management 3.56
Sally Friesen FRES WLACRO Criminal Justice 3.84
Summer Maddox JR WLACRO Pre Nursing 3.32
Teanna Sieben SR WLACRO Exercise Science 3.60
Anna Bates JR WSOCC Exercise Science 3.69
Anna Schuller SOPH WSOCC Exercise Science 3.96
Aubrie Pressley SR WSOCC Computer Science 4.00
Carola Busquets Luengo FRES WSOCC International Business 3.91
Elin Hansson FRES WSOCC Physics 4.00
Elizabeth Gulovich JR WSOCC Pre Nursing 3.41
Emerson Talley SOPH WSOCC Exercise Science 3.92
Evan O’Leary SOPH WSOCC Exercise Science 3.69
Georgia Damianakos SOPH WSOCC Criminal Justice 3.69
Kara Gavaghan JR WSOCC Community Health 3.98
Kate Casey SOPH WSOCC Marketing 3.30
Keagan McCorkle FRES WSOCC Exercise Science 4.00
Leonie Proessl SOPH WSOCC International Business 3.98
Lindsey Corwin FRES WSOCC Biology 3.88
Louise Berg JR WSOCC Politics & International Affairs 4.00
Neve Duston SR WSOCC Theatre 3.64
Nicole Auger FRES WSOCC Exercise Science 3.64
Ria Acton JR WSOCC Sports Management 3.40
Rosie Weaver SR WSOCC Finance 3.83
Sarah Phillips GRAD WSOCC Exercise Science 4.00
Tea Sabin FRES WSOCC Biology 3.68
Vivien Becker Peralta SOPH WSOCC Visual Art 3.58
Abigail Chapman SOPH WSWIM Psychology 3.90
Abigail Henderson FRES WSWIM Pre Nursing 3.46
Anna Gagnon SOPH WSWIM Pre Nursing 3.85
Anna Harshaw JR WSWIM Economics 3.78
Carly Godfrey SR WSWIM Psychology 3.79
Dana Watson SR WSWIM International Business 3.97
Elizabeth Bowman GRAD WSWIM Gateway Nursing 3.88
Ella Penny FRES WSWIM Elementary Education 3.97
Grayson Breedlove SR WSWIM Political Science 3.97
Isabelle Hurd JR WSWIM Political Science 4.00
Katelyn Toelle SOPH WSWIM Exercise Science 3.97
Kayana Taylor SR WSWIM Exercise Science 3.92
Lisa Boernigen SR WSWIM International Business 3.58
Madeline Blackwell SR WSWIM Computer Science 3.65
Taylyn Adams FRES WSWIM Sports Management 3.67
Trinity Price SOPH WSWIM Management 3.90
Alicia Wahlberg JR WTENN International Business 4.00
Dawson Clifford JR WTENN Exercise Science 3.82
Evelin Menyhart SR WTENN Management 4.00
Evgeniya Pugina FRES WTENN Management 3.71
Jessica Fuchs FRES WTENN Mathematics 3.52
Kyriaki Mitsou SR WTENN Biology 3.62
Lucy Whelan GRAD WTENN Business Administration 3.88
Abigail Kinoshita GRAD WTRACK Business Administration 3.77
Alexis Brown FRES WTRACK Sports Management 3.35
Araceli Espinosa GRAD WTRACK Business Administration 3.57
Catherine Martindale FRES WTRACK Exercise Science 3.43
Damyja Alejandro-Ortiz FRES WTRACK Exercise Science 3.91
Dani Ansari FRES WTRACK Undeclared 3.89
Elizabeth Kessler SR WTRACK Biology 3.70
Holly Kone JR WTRACK International Business 3.30
Jordan Shealey SR WTRACK Information Technology 3.70
Kennedy Conner GRAD WTRACK Leadership 3.73
Kimberley Owens JR WTRACK Biology 3.86
Kyra Allyssa Jackson JR WTRACK Exercise Science 4.00
Lacey Triplett GRAD WTRACK Master of Arts in Teaching 3.96
Marlesia Walker SOPH WTRACK Political Science 3.68
Melena Howell JR WTRACK Elementary Education 4.00
Miranda Marr JR WTRACK Visual Art 3.53
Molly McGrath FRES WTRACK Sports Management 3.60
Olivia Jackson SR WTRACK Sociology 3.80
Olivia Overholt FRES WTRACK Accounting 3.88
Pearl Ballard JR WTRACK Sports Management 3.91
Savannah Nippa JR WTRACK Criminal Justice 3.83
Sofia Lanina FRES WTRACK Information Technology 3.63


Among the honorees were 19 SAC Players of the Year and nine SAC Freshmen of the Year from 2022-23:

Braylin Marine, Newberry | Baseball Player of the Year
Bennett Roemer, Newberry | Baseball Freshman of the Year
Bradley Dean, UVA Wise | Men’s Basketball Player of the Year
Tanner Smith, Catawba | Men’s Cross Country Freshman of the Year
Ty Snelson, Mars Hill | Football Offensive Player of the Year – Mountain Division
Landon Honeycutt, Mars Hill | Football Defensive Player of the Year – Mountain Division
Malik Simmons, Lenoir-Rhyne | Football Offensive Freshman of the Year – Piedmont Division
Willie Grieco, Wingate | Men’s Lacrosse Offensive Player of the Year
Owen Marshall, Wingate | Men’s Soccer Defensive Player of the Year
Marcel Snitko, Wingate | Men’s Swimmer of the Year
Arthur Gluzman, Carson-Newman |Men’s Swimming Freshman of the Year
Alexandru Giurea, Lincoln Memorial | Men’s Tennis Freshman of the Year
Makanakaishe Charamba, Carson-Newman | Men’s Indoor and Outdoor Track & Field Athlete of the Year
Alexis Brown, Lenoir-Rhyne | Women’s Indoor and Outdoor Track & Field Athlete of the Year
Mya Belton, Tusculum| Women’s Basketball Defensive Player of the Year
Emily Hege, Wingate |Women’s Basketball Freshman of the Year
Madison Clay, Catawba | Women’s Cross Country Runner of the Year
Leah Knowles, Wingate |Women’s Lacrosse Offensive Player of the Year
Bailey Stumpf, Limestone |Women’s Lacrosse Defensive Player of the Year
Elin Hansson, Lenoir-Rhyne |Women’s Soccer Offensive Player of the Year
Katie Beck, Catawba |Women’s Soccer Defensive Player of the Year
Macauley Bailey, Carson-Newman |Softball Player of the Year
Morgan Beeler, Lenoir-Rhyne | Softball Pitcher of the Year
Manon Compagner, Carson-Newman |Women’s Swimmer of the Year
Franziska Muhlberger, Wingate |Women’s Swimming Freshman of the Year
Nastassia Chamoun, Newberry | Women’s Tennis Player of the Year
Sofia Cardenas, Newberry |Women’s Tennis Freshman of the Year
Emmaleigh Allen, Lenoir-Rhyne |Volleyball Freshman of the Year