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Robbery In Parking Lot Of Area Walmart Under Investigation

Robbery In Parking Lot Of Area Walmart Under Investigation

A robbery in a business parking lot is under investigation. According to information released this week by the Statesville Police Department, on Friday, April 23, 2021, a 73-year-old female victim and her husband pulled into a parking space on the Home Goods side of Walmart on Crossroads Drive in Statesville. After parking, what appears to be a burgundy Ford Explorer pulled into a parking space next to their vehicle.

As the victim was exiting the passenger side of their vehicle, the driver of the Explorer, a white female with blonde hair, possibly in her 40s exited the vehicle and started talking to the victim, who had her pocketbook positioned on her left shoulder.

Suspect vehicle in April 23 incident in Statesville
Courtesy of Statesville Police Department

The woman grabbed the victim’s pocketbook, pulling her to the pavement and dragging her to gain control of the pocketbook. The suspect ran back to the driver’s side of the Explorer, then backed out of the parking space, almost running over the victim, who was laying on the ground.

The victim suffered bruising and scrapes as a result of this crime. If you were a witness to this crime, or have additional information as to who or where the suspect and/or vehicle are located, contact Corporal Cleary at the Statesville Police Department at 704-878-3518.