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courtesy of RedHawk Publications

Redhawk Publications Unveils “Cantos 2024”: A Dynamic Showcase of Emerging Talent from Lenoir-Rhyne University

Redhawk Publications announced on Monday, March 25 the collaborative 2024 edition of “Cantos,” the latest in the literary journal series spotlighting the creative ingenuity of Lenoir-Rhyne University students.

Comprising a diverse tapestry of literary and visual artistry, “Cantos” stands as a testament to the vibrant creativity thriving within the university’s halls. Spearheaded by the student editors, Rosemary Parish and Kiera Elliot, and guided by academic advisors Dr. Julie Voss and Mr. Scott Owens, this anthology represents a collaborative effort of artistic passion.
“This year’s edition is the largest issue of Cantos in its history, and the art and literature included came from the largest pool of submissions ever,” shared Rosemary Parish, reflecting on the considerable effort poured into curating this anthology. “Narrowing the selections down to a manageable size was difficult and exciting. Arranging the poems, stories, and art to create interesting juxtapositions was also a great deal of fun. We hope readers will enjoy the ways in which the themes and styles exhibited here play off of and deepen each other.”

Co-editor Kiera Elliot added, “We are very proud of this edition. Cantos is a student publication, so it will appeal to those who like to see what is new, what is up-and-coming, what young people who are engaged with the world and the people around them see, think, and feel.”

The 2024 edition of Cantos invites readers to embark on a journey through the minds of tomorrow’s artists and literary luminaries, offering an immersive experience that extends beyond the expected while creating profound insight on every page.
Cantos is scheduled for release in late April and is currently available for pre-sales on the Redhawk Publications website:

Redhawk Publications, established in 2017, is a unique publishing initiative of Catawba Valley Community College. With over 150 titles to date, Redhawk Publications is one of three community colleges nationwide with a literary publishing press. For more information, please contact Patty Thompson at