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Redhawk Publications Announces Debut Children’s Book, “Prince Kindness” by Author Jennifer Owen

Redhawk Publications is pleased to announce the release of “Prince Kindness,” a heartwarming children’s book by first-time author Jennifer Owen. This enchanting tale aims to captivate young readers and their families with its modern twist and life lessons on the classic ‘Prince Charming’ story.

Author of “Prince Kindness”, Jennifer Owen

Jennifer Owen, a Literacy Engagement Technician at Patrick Beaver Memorial Library, has combined her passion for working with children with her love for writing to create a truly kindness-based story. Drawing upon her background in child development and expressive arts therapy, Ms. Owen showcases her creativity and imagination in “Prince Kindness.”
“I have known for a while that I love working with children, and writing books for young audiences allows me to combine my education in child development and expressive arts therapy with my passion to write,” said Jennifer Owen.

The journey towards children’s literature began for Jennifer during her pursuit of a master’s degree in 2017. With a rich history in poetry writing since her high school days, Jennifer’s transition to children’s books felt like a natural progression. The inspiration for “Prince Kindness” struck her in early 2020, and she has dedicated herself to bringing this captivating tale to life ever since.

“Prince Kindness” breaks away from conventional narratives by presenting a refreshing perspective on the tales of our childhood. The story follows a young prince who embarks on a transformative journey to discover his true identity beyond the confines of being known solely as ‘Prince Charming.’ Through this endearing narrative, Jennifer Owen explores the themes of kindness and the significance of everyday actions in shaping our character.
“One of the reasons we all agreed this book has to be published was because Jennifer has a refreshing contemporary take on the books of our childhood,” commented acquisitions editor Patty Thompson. “Jennifer’s ability to infuse the story with a strong message about being kind and self-discovery makes ‘Prince Kindness’ something very much needed in today’s world.”
Jennifer Owen expressed her joy in crafting this unique story and the collaborative efforts that shaped it. With the support and input from friends and family, she meticulously refined the narrative to ensure it resonates with readers of all ages.

“Taking an idea and then turning it into a physical copy is much harder than you think,” shared Jennifer. “I think this story is unique in its own way because of how the main character is discovering his own name with the guidance of a helpful narrator. I love the message of the whole story, and I hope others do too!”

“Prince Kindness” is an ideal choice for young children and families who enjoy engaging picture books. In a world that can sometimes feel unkind, this story reassures readers of the presence of empathy and kindness, while fostering a sense of warmth and compassion.

Jennifer Owen will be one of the featured new authors at Redhawk Publication’s Book Fair on September 30th at the Catawba County Library in Newton, NC from 10am – 2pm as part of the Catawba Valley Festival of the Arts.

Copies of “Prince Kindness” are available for purchase on Redhawk Publications’ website at

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