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Proposed Alexander County Budget Includes Property Tax Decrease

At their meeting Monday (May 15), Alexander County Commissioners discussed the proposed fiscal year 2023-2024 budget. The proposed budget includes a 12-cent property tax decrease, which would lower the tax rate to 67 cents per $100 valuation, if approved. A public hearing to discuss the proposed budget is scheduled for June 5. Adoption of the budget is set for June 19.

The proposed general fund budget totals $56,841,859 and includes $4,000,270 of appropriated fund balance. The proposed budget includes no tax increases in the fire districts and no fee increases for building inspections or fire inspections. Although fire tax rates will remain unchanged, all fire districts will receive additional funding for 2023-2024 as a result of the property revaluation.

[WACB’s Rick Gilbert contributed to this story]