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Police Use Narcan To Resuscitate Driver Involved In Crash At Rest Area

Police Use Narcan To Resuscitate Driver Involved In Crash At Rest Area

Tuesday (November 30), members of the Iredell County Sheriff‘s Office Interstate Criminal Enforcement (ICE) Team were working in the area of Interstate 77 near Exit 59, when they were approached by individuals who reported a northbound silver SUV being operated in an erratic manner by a person who appeared to be impaired.

The deputies searched the area for the vehicle, and found it in the rest area. The vehicle had struck the guardrail entering the rest area, along with trash cans and other items. The vehicle ended up facing south in the north bound entrance lane.

The deputies approached the vehicle, and saw the unresponsive driver slumped over the steering wheel. The deputies pried the driver’s door open, and then noticed the driver was not breathing. While determining if the driver had any additional injuries, officers spotted drug paraphernalia, and a substance they believed to be heroin inside the SUV.

The deputies removed the driver from the vehicle and laid him on the ground. They quickly administered Narcan, also known as Naloxone, which is used to treat a narcotic overdose in an emergency situation. Officers used a bag valve mask from their first aid kit, to provide rescue breathing to the driver. A second dose of Narcan was administered and rescue breaths were continued.

Iredell County EMS, and First Responders from Ebenezer Fire and Rescue, arrived at the scene to assist with medical care. The driver began breathing on his own and eventually gained consciousness. The North Carolina State Highway Patrol responded to investigate the accident. No information was released regarding possible charges against the driver related to the substances spotted in the vehicle.