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Police Investigating Road Rage Shooting Incident

A suspect was taken into custody in connection to a road rage related shooting.

On Wednesday (May 22), just after 2:30 p.m. the Statesville Police Department responded to a shots fired call in the area of MLK, Jr. Park and Lakewood Drive. Upon arrival, officers learned that a female driver had been involved in a road rage incident with another vehicle. The situation escalated as the other vehicle followed her. In an effort to ensure her safety, she drove to the National Guard Armory and called 911.

The suspect vehicle followed her into the National Guard Armory parking lot. A male suspect exited his vehicle, produced a handgun, and fired several rounds in the direction of the ground and vehicle which was occupied by the female driver and her juvenile daughter. One of the rounds struck the vehicle. The female driver and her juvenile daughter were not injured.

The suspect then fled the scene. Thanks to the detailed description of the subject and vehicle provided by the victim, officers were able to locate the suspect’s vehicle parked beside a home on Fieldstone Circle shortly thereafter.

Upon arrival at the suspect’s residence, the male refused to come to the door. Aware that the suspect was armed, officers established a perimeter around the home and made repeated attempts to call him out. A search warrant was issued based on the events and evidence gathered.

Officers maintained their positions and continued attempts to bring the suspect out. At approximately 5:30 p.m. the suspect exited the home and was taken into custody without incident after complying with officers’ instructions.

The suspect was then transported to a local hospital for a medical evaluation. Due to the fact that the case remains an active investigation, the suspect’s name was being withheld.

[News release from Statesville Police Department]