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Police Investigate Incident Involving Handgun At Grocery Store In Hudson

Police Investigate Incident Involving Handgun at Grocery Store in Hudson

Hudson Police are investigating a domestic disturbance involving a handgun. The incident occurred at 6:15 p.m. yesterday (November 30) at the Walmart Neighborhood Market on Hickory Boulevard in Hudson.

The dispute involved a man and woman who were formerly married. The female was openly carrying a handgun while shopping in the store. At some point during the dispute, the pistol was removed from its holster and came into the possession of the male subject. The female said that the male did not point the pistol at her at any time during the dispute.

Another witness said that they were alarmed when they saw the man in the aisle holding a gun. Store employees took immediate action to see that patrons in the store remained safe.

The male left the store without further incident. There were no shots fired in the store. No other persons have reported that they were threatened by either subject.

Hudson Police say the event is believed to be nothing more than a domestic dispute with neither party intending to commit any crime against the other or against any employee. The names of those involved have not been released. The investigation is ongoing.