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Partial Trail Closure Announced For Riverwalk Construction In Hickory
Photo Courtesy of YouTube

Partial Trail Closure Announced For Riverwalk Construction in Hickory

The City of Hickory announces a partial trail closure for Riverwalk construction. With the continuation of that work, David E. Looper & Company will be transporting materials for this project adjacent to the Geitner Trail paved greenway.

Contractors will utilize the Rotary-Geitner Park parking lot and a portion of the Geitner Trail for this phase of construction on Monday, June 14, from 7 a.m. to 12 p.m., and continuing on Mondays until the materials are in their location. While the park will remain open, the portion of greenway used for transporting concrete structures and construction equipment will be temporarily closed for user safety.

Park visitors and trail users are reminded and encouraged to follow all posted signage along the Lake Hickory Trails and paved greenway during Riverwalk construction for their own safety. Park visitors may enjoy the remainder of the Geitner Trail paved greenway by parking at Hickory City Park and accessing the trails from that location.

Hickory City Park is located at 1581 12th Street Drive NW. For more information about the Riverwalk project, please visit