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Parents Can Now Track Their Student Bus Rider in Real Time

Caldwell County Schools announced on Monday (August 28) that parents of nearly 5,000 student bus riders can monitor their student’s ride to and from school by registering on the Here Comes the Bus mobile app, a school bus tracking application that uses GPS technology to enhance the safety, convenience and efficiency of student transportation. This resource provides parents, guardians and school administrators with real-time tracking and communication capabilities of school bus routes.

“We encourage all parents to participate,” said Jay McCarraher, Transportation Director. “Providing parents with information regarding their child’s bus ride is a top priority in the transportation department, and this program reflects our commitment to the safety and well-being of all students.”

Real-time bus tracking is the key feature of the Here Comes the Bus app. Parents can track their child’s bus ride on a map and track the actual onboarding and departure times. Other features include the bus number and bus stop location. The app also sends email notifications when the bus nears the bus stop or whenever students are boarding a bus that is different from the one they have been assigned to.

This user-friendly app is available on a smartphone, tablet, or personal computer. To complete the download and registration process, parents enter the information provided by the school administrative office and enter their student’s name and ID number. Detailed instructions on how to sign up for the app are found on the Transportation Department website at

Families continue to rely on the dependability and safety of school bus transportation. At the start of this school year, approximately 95 school buses covered 123 routes, which data is available for parents who are registered on the Here Comes the Bus app.

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