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5th District Congresswoman Virginia Foxx speaks to those attending Tuesday's event in Caldwell County addressing issues at Wilson Creek
Photo courtesy of Paige Counts, Caldwell County Public Information Officer

Overcrowding On Wilson Creek Addressed At Tuesday Event, Congresswoman Virginia Foxx Attends

On Tuesday (May 28) 5th District Congresswoman Virginia Foxx joined with local, state and federal leaders as well as community members to discuss the impacts of overcrowding on Wilson Creek. She spoke to the crowd attended and said “Wilson Creek remains a prominent destination within the 5th District, and it offers countless North Carolinians the opportunity to experience the best that our state has to offer. It’s important that this area’s longevity is preserved for many years to come, and continued collaboration coupled with good governance will yield that precise outcome,”

On weekends during the summer, crowds pack the recreation area, often blocking the flow of traffic and leaving behind trash and human waste. Caldwell County hauled away 35,000 pounds of trash in 2023, and the volunteer group, A Clean Wilson Creek, volunteers removed another 11,000 pounds of trash last year.

According to a news release from Caldwell County officials, trash is only one issue facing Wilson Creek. The excessive number of people creates demand for an increased law enforcement presence. With overcrowding and related issues, the county estimates it will spend at least $110,000 this year on law enforcement for Wilson Creek.

Overcrowding leads to parking issues. On good weather weekends, the 141 legal parking spaces fill quickly, leaving as many as 400 cars parked in the roadway blocking traffic making it difficult for first responders to answer calls.

Caldwell County officials are looking to their state and federal partners to help find solutions to address the issues facing Wilson Creek. Proposed solutions include regulations revised to ban all fires and require personal flotation devices for all river users, have a federal law enforcement presence, and limit use.

[News release from Caldwell County Government]