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Officials Warn Citizens To Be Aware Of Holiday Season Scams

For most of us, the holidays are full of giving, getting and goodwill. But some bad actors use the holidays to take advantage of people’s generous spirits. They frequently target members of our communities who are older and more vulnerable to scammers and con artists.

To help ensure consumers and older adults don’t get taken during the season of giving, organizations across North Carolina have joined together to raise awareness of the common scams and frauds that can occur during the holidays, and share information to help protect North Carolinians from getting scammed. The various scams that occur this time of year include holiday shopping scams, charity and investment scams, and a number of different imposter scams.

As you make charitable giving and investment decisions over the holidays, there are a host of resources to help you avoid the many scammers and less-than-reputable charities and organizations asking for your money. Before you give, review the annual reports compiled by the NC Department of the Secretary of State Charitable Solicitation Licensing Division.

Before making year-end investment decisions, make sure to do your research. Check multiple databases about investment opportunities, and call the Secretary of State’s Investor Hotline at 919-814-5400 or 800-688-4507. You can also browse their educational materials as you look to make investment decisions. Regardless of whether you’re a teacher, a senior or a member of the military, there are probably specialty investment scams directed toward you.

In the category of imposter scams, the fraudsters take advantage of trust between family members and loved ones, and the threat of law enforcement. When anyone is demanding money from you, be sure to ask questions to determine whether the situation is real or a scam.

If you think you or someone you know might have been scammed or contacted by a scammer, report it to the Attorney General’s Consumer Protection Division by calling 1-877-5-NO-SCAM or filing a complaint online at You can also get more information at