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Officials In Alexander County Vote To Consolidate Water & Sewer Funds

The Alexander County Board of Commissioners approved a resolution to consolidate county water and sewer funds at their meeting Monday (November 6). County Manager Shane Fox said the consolidation is more practical and efficient for budgeting and accounting purposes.

In 1981, commissioners adopted a resolution to create the Bethlehem Water District and the Highway 16 South Water District. In 1986, the Sugarloaf Water District was created. Debt was issued for all three water districts in the 1980s and 1990s in the form of water bonds, which have all been paid in full.

In fiscal year 2010, the Highway 16 South and Sugarloaf water funds were combined into a single fund called the County Water & Sewer Fund for budgeting and accounting purposes. The Bethlehem Sewer Fund was created in fiscal year 2011 when the county began receiving sewer revenue from the City of Hickory.

Fox said that all outstanding water and sewer debt is issued under Alexander County’s name and tax identification number, so it makes sense to consolidate the water and sewer funds.
With the adopted resolution, all assets, liabilities, and fund balance of the Bethlehem Water Fund (a total of $7,777,773.30) and Bethlehem Sewer Fund (a total of $6,718,608.04) will be transferred to the County Water & Sewer Fund as outlined in an associated budget amendment.

Fox said that Alexander County has approximately 6,000 water and sewer customers.

[News release from Alexander County Government]