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No Charges In Reported Shooting In Connelly Springs

No Charges in Reported Shooting in Connelly Springs

The Burke County Sheriff’s Office released a statement this evening (August 20) regarding a shooting that occurred Monday (August 16) in Connelly Springs. At about 12:15 p.m. Monday, an unknown female came to the Connelly Springs Town Hall and met with a Deputy in the parking lot. The female reported that she had just witnessed shots fired into a moving vehicle on Highway 70 just around the corner from Town Hall at 910 Highway 70 East in Connelly Springs. The Deputy immediately left and went to the area, but did not find anything suspicious. The Deputy returned to Town Hall to speak with the reporting witness; however, the witness had already left the area.

The Deputy resumed the investigation. At about 11:15 on August 17, the Deputy found the reported victim’s vehicle at a carwash at the Knob in Connelly Springs. The victim, who is homeless, agreed to file a report. After a two-day search a Detective found the victim at a local motel and conducted an interview. The victim said he had changed his mind and did not want an investigation and did not want to press charges, nor would he testify in court. The following day, the victim reiterated his wishes and signed a “decline of prosecution” form.

The investigating Detective located the suspect and interviewed the suspect and his brother. They said they had items stolen from their property and invited the victim into their home to discuss the thefts. The victim reportedly became aggressive and angry and shoved the brother and ran from the home. The brother said he fired several shots into the ground and chased the victim to the end of their property. He reported that he didn’t see anyone shoot into a vehicle or anything else. The brothers said they didn’t wish to press charges for the assault that occurred in their home and did not want to file a report.