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Photo courtesy of Catawba Valley Medical Center

New Technology To Detect Breast Cancer Announced At Area Medical Center

Catawba Valley Health System has announced new technology that helps doctors find breast cancers earlier, when they may be more easily treated. According to a news release from Catawba Valley Health, the technology results in fewer false positives, which can be stressful for patients. The technology is the first of its kind in the region, the next closest being in Greensboro.

Located at Catawba Valley Imaging Center (CVIC), a service of Catawba Valley Medical Center, the technology is called Profound AI and maximizes the benefits of a woman having a 3D screening mammogram. The news release says ProFound AI acts as another pair of eyes along with the radiologists reviewing 3D mammography images. The most state-of-the-art software available, it rapidly analyzes each 3D mammogram image, detecting cancers with unprecedented accuracy.

According to Lindsay Runion, director of mammography at CVIC, “Profound AI is FDA-approved and clinically proven to enhance breast cancer detection, while significantly reducing the rate of false positives and unnecessary additional testing and stress for women. This technology should provide women in our region great peace of mind that their mammograms are read with the ultimate precision and clarity.”

The ProFound AI software rapidly compares a patient’s mammography images against those it has learned from and alerts radiologists if suspicious areas may warrant a closer look. While digital (3D) mammography has become the industry standard for screening mammograms, Profound AI offers advantages over 3D screenings alone. This includes, an eight percent average increase in sensitivity over digital screening alone. A 6.9 percent increase in specificity over digital screening alone. And a 7.2 percent reduction in patient recalls.