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courtesy of Morganton Department of Public Safety

Morganton Public Safety Receives Grant to Purchase E-bikes

Morganton Public Safety will be adding a new type of patrol vehicle to their fleet. One with only two wheels.

MDPS was recently given a grant totaling almost $15,000 from the Molded Fiber Glass that was used to purchase four electric bikes. These e-bikes will be outfitted for law enforcement with lights, sirens and emergency supplies on board. They will use these bikes in addition to the normal patrol vehicles, foot patrol and the Polaris Gem Car currently in use.

Lieutenant T. Alexander with Morganton Public Safety said, “It gives us another option in our toolbox so we can serve the City and use creative avenues if we need to. These e-bikes have a pretty impressive top speed and can allow an officer to cover a very large range in miles on one single battery charge.”

MFG Plant Manager Nick Stepanek, said “Molded Fiber Glass was made aware of Public Safety’s need for multiple e-bikes and saw this as an opportunity to support not only Public Safety, but also the community as a whole. As Morganton continues to grow and offer more community events, the e-bikes will be a great addition for Public Safety. Funds for the donation were made available through the MFG Foundation.”

Morganton Public Safety’s Police Chief Jason Whisnant, said “Molded Fiber Glass is a phenomenal supporter to our community. This generous grant will equip us with four new e-bikes that we can use to patrol in places such as our beautiful parks and the Greenway. We can’t thank them enough for making this opportunity a reality.”