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Kelani Courtney-Floury Fields
Courtesy of Caldwell County Sheriff's Office

More Details Released On Attempted First-Degree Murder Arrest In Caldwell County

19-year-old Kelani Courtney-Floury Fields of Greensboro was arrested Sunday (October 1) by Caldwell County Sheriff’s Officers. She’s charged with felony attempted first-degree murder. WHKY previously reported on this arrest, more information has been released on this case.

According to reports, Fields’ arrest is in connection to an incident in which a foster care mother in Caldwell County was stabbed. According to the additional information released, the woman was allegedly stabbed by Fields, who was formerly under the foster mother’s care.

The Granite Falls woman was stabbed multiple times at her residence on Saturday (September 30). It has also been reported that a number of Caldwell Community College basketball players were at the residence and detained the suspect until emergency units arrived. The victim was brought to the hospital.

As of the most recent information available, the victim was listed in stable condition.
Fields was jailed in the Caldwell County Detention Center under $500,000 secured bond. She remained in jail as of earlier today (October 5). Her next District Court date is scheduled for October 23.

[Additional information for this story courtesy of Rick Gilbert, WACB]