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Man Convicted In Sex Offense Case, Does Not Stay For Entire Trial, Being Sought By Police
Randy Lee Rinck, Sr.
Courtesy of Lincoln County Sheriff's Office

Man Convicted In Sex Offense Case, Does Not Stay For Entire Trial, Being Sought By Police

A Lincoln County man charged with sexual assault has been found guilty by a jury in Lincoln County Superior Court but has not been sentenced because he failed to return to court after the first day of the trial. 61-year-old Randy Lee Rinck, Sr. was on trial for a number of charges filed in connection with an incident that occurred over the weekend of February 13 and 14, 2021.

On February 15, deputies were dispatched to a residence on Barsdale Lane in Lincolnton after a woman ran to a residence and asked the occupant to call 9-1-1 because she was being held against her will.

The victim told deputies that she had gone to Rinck’s home on Barsdale Lane on Saturday night to visit. While together she told officers she and Rinck went riding around and during that time Rinck began drinking alcohol and started assaulting the victim. When they returned to the residence Rinck threatened her with a knife and refused to let her leave.

He continued to assault her during the weekend which resulted in two black eyes and small cuts on her body. During the assaults, a sexual offense occurred. The victim was able to escape to a neighbor’s house on Monday, February 15, at which time law enforcement was contacted. Rinck was charged with multiple offenses, he was found guilty of second-degree forcible sexual offense and assault with a deadly weapon. Rinck was not in court during the last days of the trial. Officers have not been able to find him.

Anyone with information on the whereabouts of Randy Rinck, Sr. is asked to contact the Lincoln County Sheriff’s Office at 704-732-9050, the Lincoln County Communications Center at 704-735-8202 or the Lincolnton/Lincoln County Crime Stoppers at 704-736-8909. If your Crime Stoppers tip leads to an apprehension you could receive a reward.