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courtesy of Joshua Harris, City of Lenoir Director of Communication & Public Information

Main Entrance to Lenoir City Hall to be Temporarily Closed

The main entrance to Lenoir City Hall will be closed temporarily next week. Workers are installing new, energy-efficient windows in the building. Residents will need to use the side entrance to access City Hall and drop off any utility payments. The main entrance will be closed for a few weeks.

Workers are currently installing new windows on the side of the building that faces Main Street. The project is the latest in a series of remodeling improvements at City Hall. Sometime between October 9 and October 13, workers will move from the side of City Hall to the front. They will use a lift to access the second and third floors of the building. For the safety of the public, the sidewalk in front of City Hall will be closed.

Pedestrians should cross to the north side of West Avenue and cross back at Church Street to avoid the construction area in front of City Hall. Residents can avoid the trip to City Hall by paying utility bills online or by signing up for automatic bank drafts. For more information on payment options, click here.