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Lincoln County Sheriff Continues to Investigate Scam Calls

Lincoln County Sheriff’s Deputies continue to investigate incidents involving phone scams and email scams.

On February 21, a suspect called a Lincoln County residence and left a voice mail claiming to be Investigator Loughlin with the Lincoln County Sheriff’s Office. The suspect’s call spoofed the Lincoln County Sheriff’s non-emergency line number, which is 704-732-9050. The victim returned the call on a different number left by the scammer and the suspect identified himself as Officer Loughlin. No one by that name works for the Lincoln County Sheriff’s Office.

The suspect said the victim had a court summons that may be eligible for dismissal. The victim set up an account to make payments to the suspect, including a $230 payment while on the phone.

Law enforcement does not accept money to cancel a warrant, a summons, or an order for arrest. All warrants are served in person and not by telephone. In North Carolina, court officials and law enforcement Officers never make phone calls to threaten an arrest and to warn citizens of an impending arrest for failure to appear in court.

In the event of such a call, Citizens should hang up the phone without providing information or taking any action. Citizens should not provide any personal identifying information over the phone, nor should they purchase any money cards or exchange any money in reference to such calls.