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Lenoir-Rhyne Student-Athletes Shows High Academic Success Rates

Lenoir-Rhyne Student-Athletes Shows High Academic Success Rates

The NCAA recently announced the latest Academic Success Rates (ASR) report data as well as Federal Graduation Rates (FGR) for student-athletes who entered Lenoir-Rhyne in the most recent six year cohort (2013-14). The data shows LR continues an upward trend in both categories, including the highest four-year graduation rate since 2005.

The report reflects student-athletes are graduating eight percentage points higher than the general student population and the four-year average reflects nine percentage points higher. The Academic Success Rate data is the primary metric across all NCAA DII programs which takes both walk-ons and transfer students into account and removes students who left the institution in good academic standing. The data reflects an ASR of 77 for the 2013-14 cohort which is 4 points higher than the NCAA DII average and reflects an increase over recent years. The ASR four-year average at LR is 76% which is higher than the four-year rolling ASR for the average of all Division II universities which sits at 74%.

The federal graduation rate for Lenoir-Rhyne student-athletes has risen each of the last five years. Additionally, the four-year average FGR of 57 represents the second-highest number of football-playing schools in the entire South Atlantic Conference.

Women’s Basketball earned a perfect 100 percent ASR for the current report year while Women’s Cross Country and Track came in at 90 percent.

“Graduating our student-athletes is the number one goal of our coaches and athletic department,” said Vice President for Athletics Kim Pate. “I am so proud of the progress we have made with our ASR and Grad Rates and look forward to continuing our upward trajectory in the future.”