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Lenoir-Rhyne Athletics Raked Ninth in Helper Helper Engagement Report

In the 2023-24 Engagement Report presented by Helper Helper, LR Athletics ranked No. 9 amongst Division II participants by completing 7514 total hours with a 97 percent participation rate.

This marked the fourth-straight year where LR has marked in the Top 15 amongst all Division II institutions while the No. 9 ranking is tied for the best finish in department history. In total, 14 programs were listed in the Top 10 in their respective sports. The men had more representation with eight teams in the Top 10, while the women had seven teams listed in the Top 10.

“I am extremely proud of our Bears student-athletes for how they prioritize the importance of serving and giving back to our community,” Vice President for Athletics Kim Pate said. “Out student-athletes have been leaders in Division II finishing in the Top 20 in the nation in community service for five-straight years. They truly embody everything we’d want in a student athlete; they are excelling in their sport, in the classroom, and are making an impact in the community.”

On the men’s side, the soccer program had the highest performance with a No. 2 finish. The other men’s programs include swimming in addition to track and field and cross country, which both finished with a No. 4 ranking, lacrosse and tennis, who placed No. 6, football and golf, which both had a No. 7 finish, and baseball, who secured the No. 9 spot.

One of the organizations that the men’s soccer program has worked with includes the YCVSC Eagles. “The Lenoir-Rhyne soccer team have played a pivotal role throughout the years in the development of our soccer players and community here,” said YCVSC Eagle President Jeff Taylor. “These student-athletes have been instrumental in helping build confidence for our players, all the while being a role model as well.”

The men’s soccer program logged a school-best 1071 hours. “Our community is the foundation of everything we do within our program,” Head Men’s Soccer Coach Carlos Rubio said. “We are beyond proud to see the positive impact that our student-athletes and program are having on our youth community.”

Coming second in the total hours was football, who completed 819 hours, while the women’s track and field and cross country programs finished third with 670 total hours.

Meanwhile, on the women’s side, the lacrosse program had the highest performance with a No. 2 finish. The other women’s programs include women’s track and field and cross country in addition to tennis, which finished at the No. 6 spot, golf, which took the No. 7 ranking, volleyball, who positioned No. 9 in the results, and soccer, which recorded the No. 10 spot.

Overall, the LR Athletics’ volunteer effort brought in $238,946 for the Hickory and Uni-four Area. The top four events conducted throughout the year were the 828 Day, the Field Day with Jenkins Elementary School, the Drop-Off Lines with Oakwood and Jenkins Elementary Schools, and the Trunk or Treat.

Meanwhile, the top four organizations that LR Athletics worked with were the Catawba Valley Youth Soccer Association Eagles, the City of Hickory, Jenkins Elementary School, and Oakwood Elementary School.

LR was one of the three SAC schools to finish in the Top 10 of the university rankings. Coker was the top finisher in the conference with a No. 3 ranking while Catawba placed No. 10 in the standings.

{Information provided by Lenoir-Rhyne Athletics}