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Lenoir Police Successfully Wrangle Emu
Lenoir Police with Kevin the emu
photos courtesy of Joshua Harris, City of Lenoir Director of Communication & Public Information

Lenoir Police Successfully Wrangle Emu

Officers with the City of Lenoir Police Department wrangled an emu over the weekend. A female emu named Kevin showed up on Eastwood Park Drive S.E. Saturday (April 30) and lay down beside a father and his three children.

The dad called Lenoir Police to assist in catching Kevin. Officers were able to place a dog leash on the bird. They fed her by hand and led her into a neighbor’s fenced-in backyard.

The Caldwell County Animal Care Enforcement Division came out to pick up and care for Kevin until they could locate her owners. Kevin lives in Moravian Falls, over 30 miles northeast of Lenoir.

The emu is the second-largest living bird by height.

Kevin the Emu