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from left: Major Andy Wilson, Capt. Mark Barlowe, & Capt. Jody Herman
courtesy of Joshua Harris, City of Lenoir Director of Communication & Public Information

Lenoir Police Dept. Announces Three Promotions

The City of Lenoir Police Department has brought back the position of Major and promoted two Officers to the rank of Captain. According to a press release from the City of Lenoir, Police Chief Brent Phelps restructured the department earlier this year to strengthen the chain of command. According to Chief Phelps, re-establishing the position of Major clarifies the chain of command and ensures that the department’s captains can focus on their divisions.

Earlier this year, Andy Wilson, who has been with the Lenoir Police Department for 20 years, was promoted from Captain of Criminal Investigations to Major. Major Wilson is now second-in-command to Chief Phelps. Major Wilson handles the day-to-day operations of the department. Each of the three division captains report directly to him. In the event that Chief Phelps is unavailable, Major Wilson is in charge of the department.

Jody Herman has been promoted to Patrol Captain and Mark Barlowe to Investigations Captain. Capt. Herman has been with the department since 1999 and Capt. Barlowe joined in 2007.