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Lenoir Mayor Among Those Participating In Litter Sweep
Lenoir Police participating in the city's spring employee litter sweep
courtesy of Joshua Harris, City of Lenoir Director of Communication & Public Information

Lenoir Mayor Among Those Participating in Litter Sweep

About 35 City of Lenoir staffers, including the Mayor and a Councilman, picked up dozens of bags of litter Wednesday, April 20, during the city’s spring employee litter sweep.

City staff have participated in litter sweep every spring and fall over the past few years. In addition to staff from City Hall, the fire department, and the police department, Mayor Joe Gibbons and Councilman Jonathan Beal and his wife and daughter helped pick up trash on several streets.

In all, city staff picked up 66 bags of litter and two tires.

Lenoir Fighters removing a tire during the city’s litter sweep