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Photo courtesy of City of Lenoir

Leaf Collection Scheduled For City Of Lenoir

City of Lenoir Public Works will start leaf collection in November. Residents will get three pickups between November and January 2023. Residents should rake leaves into piles behind the curb or ditch line, and remove all bricks, rocks, sticks, or glass. Such items may cause personal injury to employees and damage equipment. Depending on their location in the city, residents will get one collection either at the start, middle, or end of the month in November, December, and January.

Route 1, the northwestern quadrant of the city, will get pickups in early November, December, and January. Routes 2 and 3, the northeastern and southeastern quadrants, will get pickups in the middle of November, December, and January. Route 4, the southwestern quadrant, will get pickups in late November, December, and January. The pickup dates are estimates. Weather and other circumstances can affect the schedule.

Some leaf species begin falling earlier in the season. Large piles already placed for collection will be collected city-wide as-needed now until early November. This service is provided at no additional cost to residents. For more information about leaf pickup or other City of Lenoir sanitation services, visit, or call 757-2154.