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“Jury Duty Scam” Reported in Lincoln County

The Lincoln County Sheriff’s Office has received a number of calls today (July 25) from concerned residents about calls they received claiming that they had failed to appear for jury duty and would be arrested. The scam is known as “the jury duty scam.” Typically, elderly citizens are the targets.

In the most recent incidents, the caller claims to be a Lieutenant Daniels with the Lincoln County Sheriff’s Office. He says an Officer will be at the victim’s door in five minutes if they don’t provide identification and credit card numbers. Potential victims are also told to stay on the phone with the caller to confirm their identity and personal information.

The Sheriff’s Office recommends that potential victims hang up the phone without providing information or taking any action, despite the caller’s attempts to pressure their targets into staying on the phone.

In North Carolina, court officials and law enforcement Officers never make phone calls to threaten arrest or warn citizens of an impending arrest for failing to appear for jury duty.