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Identities Of Alexander County Flood Victims Released
image from Hiddenite Family Campground Facebook page

Identities of Alexander County Flood Victims Released

The Alexander Co. Sheriff’s Office has released the identities of those who lost their lives in last week’s flooding.

The victims whose bodies were recovered on Thursday, November 12, are 49-year-old Crystal Dawn LeVan Reed, 18-year-old Tyrell Jordan “Ty” Reed, and 52-year-old Tina Ann Allen. On Friday, November 13, the victims recovered have been identified as 76-year-old Ronald James Wintemute and one-year-old Mason Lee Flowers. All of the victims were from Hiddenite.

Their deaths are the result of flooding at the Hiddenite Family Campground on Princess Lane in Hiddenite. Due to heavy rains, water levels of the South Yadkin River rose quickly to a catastrophic level, washing away campers, vehicles, and property from the campground. Emergency services responded and rescued and evacuated 32 people. Following the rescue, law enforcement was given a list of five people who were unaccounted for.

Three deceased victims were located and recovered on Thursday afternoon. At about 11 o’clock the following morning, another deceased victim was located and recovered. The final victim was found and recovered at about four o’clock that afternoon. The victims were found at various locations on campground property, approximately a quarter mile from the campsites.

Sheriff Chris Bowman and Alexander County Emergency Services expressed their appreciation to all agencies, departments, civilians, and equipment owners, both local and out-of-county, for providing assistance.