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Kala Kay Nicole Rust
courtesy of Alexander Co. Sheriff's Office

Hiddenite Woman Jailed for Probation Violation

33-year-old Kala Kay Nicole Rust of Hiddenite was detained on Monday for a felony probation violation. She allegedly defrauded a drug or alcohol test. Rust is on probation as she serves a 36-month suspended sentence following a January 2022 conviction in Alexander County for felony possession of a schedule II controlled substance.

She was placed in the Alexander County Detention Center under a $15,000 bond. An appearance in District Court was scheduled today (May 7). Rust also has an Iredell County court date coming up on May 14 on felony methamphetamine and cocaine charges, plus an Alexander County Superior Court appearance scheduled for July 15 on a felony meth charge.

[WACB’s Rick Gilbert contributed to this story]