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Hickory Motor Speedway Results From Saturday, 8/12/23

Winners Saturday night at Hickory Motor Speedway saw Connor Hall sweep both of the 40-lap late model races. Chase Janes won the Paramount Auto Group Limited Late Models race. Johnny Reynolds took home checkers in the Heritage Finance Company Street Stocks. Clint King won the Blackbeard Transmission Super Trucks event and Justin Austin won the renegades at Hickory Motor Speedway Saturday night.

Kicking off the night, the NASCAR Advance Auto Parts Weekly Series Late Models entering the playoff format for their first 40 laps of racing. After 17 cars qualified, Connor Hall in the #77 started in the top spot by .003 of a second, with Kade Brown in the #23 on his outside. Landon Huffman in the #75 and Clark Houston in the #6 set the second row. With playoffs underway, our eight playoff drivers would be looking for the win. As the green flag fell, Connor Hall would take the early lead. The field would be double file behind Hall and Brown, as Huffman and Houston battled for the third position. By lap 7, Doug Barnes Jr in the #6 spun in turn 3, which brought out the first caution flag of the night. The field restarted, as Hall and Brown would pull away again. Huffman and Houston would continue their battle as Michael Bumgarner in the #97 would join their fight, and take the third position. Houston would be on the outside, as Huffman made the pass by him. Hall would take the win, with Brown and Bumgarner making podium finishes. Huffman and Matthews would complete the top 5.

Up next, the Renegades took to the racetrack for their 20 laps. Brian Larkin in the #6 and Justin Austin in the #1 made up the front row. The #82 of Brandon Hasson started in the third spot, with Steve Smart in the #16 on his outside. Austin would get a great start, and immediately established the point position. The feature got 4 laps in when the sky decided to open up with rain and racing action would be halted for a short weather delay. After the crew would dry the track, racing restarted and Austin maintained the lead, with the rest of the field behind him. Larkin would put pressure on Austin, and lap traffic became an issue. Larkin would be side by side with Austin to the finish line, however Austin remained victorious. Larkin, Smart, Hudson, and Cook rounded out the top 5.

The Heritage Finance Company Street Stocks would be next for 30 laps, led by the #55 of Johnny Reynolds and the #12 of Cody DeMarmels. Teammates of Trey Buff in the #48 and Jacob Hayes in the #49 made up the second row. Reynolds pulled away early on, as DeMarmels struggled to maintain his spot. Hayes and Buff would make contact, resulting in Hayes going around in turn 2. The Legend of Marshall Sutton made his way up to third, as some of the drivers would make the outside groove work. Hayes and Buff would battle again, resulting in a spin by DeMarmels ending his night. Boice would pull onto pit road to fix some damage, as the rest of the field went green. The #55 of Johnny Reynolds parked it in Victory Lane. Sutton finished 2nd, Buff took home third, Hayes finished 4th, and Boice grabbed 5th.

The Black Bear Transmission Super Trucks took to the famed 3/8th mile oval next for 35 laps. Charlie Neill in the #21 set the fast time in qualifying, earning him the pole position. Ashley Huffman in the #7, the current points leader, sat to his outside. Clint King in the #07 and Rickie Dennie in the #6 set the second row. Neill slid to the front, and took the early lead. Huffman tried to work the high groove, but was passed by King. Watson would move up to Dennie by lap 6, and make the pass for the 4th position. Clint would ride on the bumper of Neill, and make the pass, that forced Huffman and Neill to battle for the 2nd position. Watson peaked his nose to the inside of Neill on lap 17, and would be able to get around him. Dennie rode behind Watson and Neill fell back to 5th. Huffman would still be working the high side, as Dennie moved into the third position. King would take the feature. Watson, Dennie, Huffman, and Neill rounded out the top 5.

The Paramount Auto Group Limited late Models, led by Chase Janes in the #47 would battle for 35 laps of racing action. Zack Wells in the #66 sat on the outside of row one. Landon Huffman in the #75 started inside row two, with Bryson Ruff in the #24 in the 4th spot. As the pace car pulled off, Janes would get a great start and begin to pull away from the field. Graham Hollar in the #25 moved up one by one. Wells and McGregor made contact going into turn 4, as Ruff and Hollar remained just a car length behind fighting for the 4th position. On lap 21, Huffman would spin in turn 2 as the result of a lap car. The restart left the field two-by-two for the several laps, but Janes would pull away once again. Hollar took it three wide going down the back stretch for the 4th position, as Wells tried to peek unsuccessfully to the inside of Janes. Ruff and Hollar would catch the #66 of Wells who sat in the second position, and make the pass on him. Janes, Ruff, and Hollar were the podium finishers. Wells and Doyle finished in the top 5.

The last feature of the night brought the NASCAR Advance Auto Parts Weekly Series Late Models back to the track for 40 more laps. Connor Hall, the first feature winner, pulled an invert number of 10, putting Amber Balcaen in the #1 on the pole. Unfortunately with mechanical issues she was unable to start the race, meaning Matt Gould in the #27 and Doug Barnes Jr in the #6 made up the front row. The second row would be Clark Houston in the #6 and Landon S Huffman in the #28. After a great start by all, the competitors would shuffle through the pack. L S Huffman would consider taking it three wide for the front spot, but opted against it as Bumgarner, Houston, and Matthews would race for the 6th position. Gould rode the top side, and began to struggle as multiple cars would turn up the pressure. Huffman and Brown made their way through the field and stayed with the leaders. L D Huffman and L S Huffman made a little contact, with the #75 Huffman claiming the 3rd spot. By lap 5, most of the field would be single file. Hall began to pursue the leaders, and began passing cars one by one. Brown drove to the inside of Barnes, and took the top spot. Huffman and Barnes would stay side by side for multiple laps. Contact with Matthews would send Houston hard into the outside wall of turn 3, and restacked the field for the restart. Brown remained in the lead, but Huffman was following in tow. Hall would pass Huffman, however it appeared that would be the end until Matthews would stop on the track in turn 2 with some type of mechanical issue bringing out the final caution and a glimmer of hope for Hall. With a green, white, checkered Hall would make the most of his late opportunity to take the win, Brown, L D Huffman, Bumgarner, and L S Huffman rounded out the top 5.

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Official Hickory Motor Speedway Results 8/12/23

NASCAR Advance Auto Parts Weekly Series Late Model Race #1:
1 #77 – Connor Hall
2 #23 – Kade Brown
3 #97 – Michael Bumgarner
4 #75 – Landon D. Huffman
5 #15 – Tyler Matthews
6 #28 – Landon S. Huffman
7 #6 – Clark Houston
8 #6 – Doug Barnes Jr.
9 #27 – Matthew Gould
10 #1 – Amber Balcaen
11 #24 – Zach Bruenger
12 #4 – Gage Painter
13 #5 – Trey Canipe
14 #24 – Sam Butler
15 #63 – Chase Janes
16 #1 – Zac Fowler
17 #7 – Kevin Dill

NASCAR Advance Auto Parts Weekly Series Late Model Race #2:
1 #77 – Connor Hall
2 #23 – Kade Brown
3 #75 – Landon D. Huffman
4 #97 – Michael Bumgarner
5 #28 – Landon S. Huffman
6 #27 – Matthew Gould
7 #15 – Tyler Matthews
8 #6 – Doug Barnes Jr.
9 #5 – Trey Canipe
10 #4 – Gage Painter
11 #24 – Zach Bruenger
12 #1 – Zac Fowler
13 #6 – Clark Houston
14 #24 – Sam Butler
15 #63 – Chase Janes
16 #7 – Kevin Dill
17 #1 – Amber Balcaen – DNS

Paramount Auto Group Limited Late Model:
1 #47 – Chase Janes
2 #24 – Bryson Ruff
3 #25 – Graham Hollar
4 #66 – Zack Wells
5 #23 – Reilly Doyle
6 #75 – Landon D. Huffman
7 #U2 – Gregory Estell
8 #30 – Jordan McGregor
9 #1 – Darren Krantz, Jr.
10 #97 – Billy Jack Lester
11 #21 – CJ McLaughlin
12 #8 – Rich Hudson
13 #36 – Andrew Amos
14 #57 – Hunter Deshautelle – DNS

Heritage Finance Company Street Stocks:
1 #55 – Johnny Reynolds
2 #64 – Marshall Sutton
3 #48 – Trey Buff
4 #49 – Jacob Hayes
5 #73 – Kyle Boice
6 #11 – DJ Little Jr.
7 #12 – Cody DeMarmels

Black Bear Transmission Super Trucks:
1 #07 – Clint King
2 #17 – Charlie Watson
3 #6 – Ricky Dennie
4 #7 – Ashley Huffman
5 #21 – Charlie Neill
6 #30 – Joey Shuryan
7 #37 – David Johnson

1 #1 – Justin Austin
2 #6 – Brian Larkin
3 #16 – Steve Smart
4 #25 – Skylar Hudson
5 #55 – Jordan Cook
6 #14 – Tim Childers
7 #4 – Gage Austin
8 #81 – Matthew Chambers – DNS
9 #82 – Brandon Hasson – DQ