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Photo courtesy of Hickory Motor Speedway

Hickory Motor Speedway Results From Saturday, 7/8/23

Hickory Motor Speedway celebrated it’s 73rd anniversary of racing action this week at America’s Most Famous Short Track, bringing lots of eventful races at Hickory Motor Speedway Birthday Night presented by Dickinson Service Center, Piggly Wiggly, and Jeff Kincaid Insurance. The drivers were ready for action for the NASCAR Advance Auto Parts Weekly Series Late Models, and brought huge fields for the Paramount Auto Group Limited Late Models, Black Bear Transmission Super Trucks, and the Heritage Finance Street Stocks.

To start the racing action, NASCAR Advance Auto Parts Weekly Series Late Models rolled off pit road to start the first 40 lap feature. Kade Brown in the #23 set the fastest time, earning him the pole position. Next to him sat Tyler Matthews in the #15 Chevrolet. Vincente Salas in the #2 and Landon S. Huffman in the #28 made up the second row. After the green flag flew, Matthews would make the pass on Brown for the lead early on. Salas would get loose, and Bumgarner would take the opportunity to slide into the 3rd position. The leaders would begin to work lap traffic, slowing the pace. Bumgarner and Huffman would battle for the third spot, as Matthews and Brown would continue to swap the top spot. The front two would run side by side for the final 10 laps, when Brown would edge out Matthews for the win. Bumgarner would take home 3rd, with Houston in 4th, and Huffman in 5th.

Next up, the Paramount Auto Group Limited Late Models would take the green flag with a stacked 20 car field for 50 lap feature. Leading us to the green flag would be pole sitter, Bryson “Showtime” Ruff in the #24, with the points leader of Chase Janes in the #47 to the outside. Jordan McGregor in the #30 would start 3rd, and the #66 of Zack Wells 4th. Ruff would take the early lead, with Janes right behind him. The rest of the field remained double file for the first five laps, as the front two stretched out their lead. With the field beginning to string out, McGregor would puts the heat on Wells to take back the third position. Charlie Watson in the #9 who started 11th, had moved up to 6th. As the checkered flag waved. The young star of Bryson “Showtime” Ruff in the #24 wins the feature. Janes, McGregor, Canipe, and Krantz Jr finish out the top five.

Taking us to our third feature of the night, the Heritage Finance Street Stocks hit the famed ⅜ mile oval for 30 laps. Cody DeMarmels in the #13 set the top time, earning him the point position. Trey Buff in the #48, DJ Little Jr in the #11, and Marshall “The Legend” Sutton in the #64 would make up the first two rows. After a great start, DeMarmels would pull away to a five car lead. Buff and Little would battle for second, with Sutton right on their bumper. Sutton who was trying a new set-up this week, paid off as he passed his competitors, and had a famous Hickory bump and run. The back half of the field would continue to put on a show for the crowd, as Hayes went around in turn two. After the restart, the rest of the race would be follow-the-leader to the checkered flag. Cody DeMarmels would be your winner, and Marshall “The Legend” Sutton would be 2nd. Fleming finished 3rd, Buff ended in 4th, and Little Jr grabbed the 5th spot.

The Black Bear Transmission Super Trucks took the track next for their 35 Lap Feature. Setting the fastest time in qualifying would be the #21 of Charlie Neill, with the points leader, #9 of Charlie Watson, in the second spot. Ashley Huffman in the #7 would start 3rd and Joey Shuryan in the #30 rounded out the second row. Neill would get loose on the initial green flag, and Watson would take this opportunity to move to the front. Neill continued to struggle and fell back to the 4th position. Watson, Huffman and Shuryan would hold out the podium positions for the remainder of the race. Neill and Dennie round out the top five.

To close out the night, the NASCAR Advance Auto Parts Weekly Series Late Models took the track again for their second 40 lap feature of the night. The first feature winner, Kade Brown, pulled a random number as the invert to set the field for the second race. He pulled a nine, meaning Amber Balcaen in the #1 started on the pole. She elected to move to the back of the field, and the #75 of Landon D. Huffman would start on pole. Bryce Applegate in the #45 took the outside front row position. Vincente Salas in the #2 and Landon S Huffman in the #28 started 3rd and 4th.  Landon D. Huffman would struggle on the start and am flat tire would bring mhim into the pit area. This early caution caused the field to get restacked with Applegate now at the front. Landon S Huffman would take it three wide and begin to pull away from the rest of the pack, leading the race. With lap times being very similar, the fight for the 3rd position would put on a show for spectators. Clark Houston applied the heat to Applegate, as he took the 2nd spot about halfway through the 40 lap feature. Points leader Tyler Matthews pushed his way to the inside of Applegate, claiming the third spot. Landon S Huffman in the #28 would take the second feature and his 2nd win at the Birthplace of NASCAR stars. Clark Houston in the #6 and #15 of Tyler Matthews were your other podium finishers. Michael Bumgarner in the #97 and Bryce Applegate in the #45 walked home with 4th and 5th.

Racing action continues this Saturday Night, July 15th, as the Southeast Super Trucks come to Hickory Motor Speedway.

In two weeks, on Saturday July 22nd, NASCAR Advance Auto Parts Weekly Series is back with Shriners Night at the Races! 50% of ALL ticket sales will be donated to the Shriners.

And in three weeks, the Solid Rock Carriers Cars Tour returns to Hickory Motor Speedway with Throwback Weekend where we take a trip down memory lane with the USAR Pro-Cup Throwback 225, 100 lap Feature for the Pro Late Models and 125 for the Late Model Stock Cars!

Catch the racing action in-person at Hickory Motor Speedway or watch live on FloRacing!

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Official Hickory Motor Speedway Results 7/8/23

Late Model Race #1:
1 #23 – Kade Brown
2 #15 – Tyler Matthews
3 #97 – Michael Bumgarner
4 #6 – Clark Houston
5 #28 – Landon S. Huffman
6 #2 – Vicente Salas
7 #45 – Bryce Applegate
8 #75 – Landon D. Huffman
9 #1 – Amber Balcaen
10 #36 – Jermey Draughn

Late Model Race #2:

1 ##6 – Clark Houston
2 #15 – Tyler Matthews
3 #97 – Michael Bumgarner
4 #45 – Bryce Applegate
5 #75 – Landon D. Huffman
6 #2 – Vicente Salas
7 #23 – Kade Brown
8 #1 – Amber Balcaen
9 #36 – Jeremy Draughn
10 #28 – Landon S. Huffman – DQ

Paramount Auto Group Limited Late Model “Big 10” Race #6:
1 #24 – Bryson Ruff
2 #47 – Chase Janes
3 #30 – Jordan McGregor
4 #5 – Trey Canipe
5 #1 – Darren Krantz Jr.
6 ##25 – Graham Hollar
7 #6 – Ricky Dennie
8 #9 – Spencer Childers
9 #71 – Daniel Wilk
10 #98 – Chase Pollard
11 #66 – Zack Wells
12 #13 – Mark Johnson
13 #28 – Bub Haney
14 #12 – Christopher Martin Jr.
15 18 – Chris Huffman
16 #57 – Hunter Deshautelle
17 #97 – Billy Jack Lester
18 #22 – Chase Thaxton
19 #U2 – Gregory Estell
20 #9 – Charlie Watson – DQ

Heritage Finance Company Street Stocks:
1 #12 – Cody DeMarmels
2 #64 – Marshall Sutton
3 #6 – Jonathon Fleming
4 #48 – Trey Buff
5 #11 – DJ Little Jr.
6 #49 – Jacob Hayes
7 #9 – Jon Austin

Black Bear Transmission Super Trucks:
1 ##7 – Ashley Huffman
2 #30 – Joey Shuryan
3 #21 – Charlie Neill
4 #6 – Ricky Dennie
5 #17 – Duane Cook
6 #37 – David Johnson
7 #91 – Keith Norville
8 #9 – Charlie Watson – DQ