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Alicia Abernathy
Courtesy of Hickory Public Schools

Hickory High School Names Women’s Basketball Coach

Alicia Abernathy is returning home to Hickory High (HHS) to coach the women’s Tornado basketball team. Only this time, instead of serving as Assistant Coach, she has been selected to lead the Tornadoes as the new Head Coach.

As a coach for the past ten years, Abernathy most recently served as Assistant Coach at Saint Stephen’s High School where she gained valuable experience with the team finishing third in the conference with a 9-5 record, making it to the first round of playoff contention to lose to Ashe County. “This was big coming from a 3-game winning season from last year,” said Abernathy.

Back in 2014 during Abernathy’s first year coaching for Hickory High’s JV team, they finished their season undefeated with a 16-0 record. Following that season, she was moved up to Assistant Coach with the varsity team. Serving under retired Head Coach Barbara Helms, HHS won the 2015-2016 State 3A Championship, finishing the season with a 31-0 record.

During Abernathy’s previous years at HHS (2017-2019) before joining Saint Stephens High., she continued to coach the JV women’s team and assist the varsity women’s team—with winning records.

Abernathy’s passion for basketball strengthened during her high school years while a student at Hickory High. She was selected as State Player of the Year her senior year. She played for winning state championships in back-to-back seasons of 1998 and 1999 before heading to play at UNC-Charlotte with a full scholarship. She experienced additional success at UNC-Charlotte as the team won Conference USA and advanced to the NCAA tournament.

Professionally, Abernathy played in Luxembourg (northwestern Europe). She averaged 22 points per game and 11 rebounds. She ended her playing career with a semi-pro team playing in the U.S. and South America.

In addition to coaching for Hickory High this coming school year, Abernathy will be teaching physical education. Through the years, she has acquired a great deal of experience in the classroom having served as a teacher assistant for Exceptional Children (EC) from elementary through high school. She has also served as a teacher for the EC program at Hickory High from 2014-2017 and as the In-School Suspension Coordinator. Most recently, since August 2020, she served as Online Facilitator for Catawba County Schools.

While studying at UNC-Charlotte, Abernathy earned a Bachelor of Science in both Sociology and Criminal Justice in addition to a Bachelor of Arts in African and African American Studies.

{News release courtesy of Hickory Public Schools}