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Groundbreaking Held Thursday For First Company In Burke Business Park

The first manufacturing business broke ground in Burke Business Park Thursday (January 12). The business park is located on Kathy Road adjacent to Interstate 40. In May 2020, UNIX Packaging, LLC announced they were opening their third U.S. state of the art beverage manufacturing plant in Burke County. The new facility was planned to create over 150 new jobs by the end of 2022 with an investment more than $18.5 million. UNIX, who specializes in producing a variety of drinks which include: functional beverages, carbonated soft drinks, dietary supplements, purified and enhanced waters, alkaline waters, kombucha and teas, hand selected their new facility on Ceramic Tile Drive as their east coast home.

The property at Burke Business Park was purchased in 2005 with the cooperation of five local partners: Burke County, City of Morganton, Town of Valdese, Town of Drexel and Town of Rutherford College, forming a coalition to create a business park to support economic growth in the county. Planning and development of the site started soon after this. The partners have remained committed to the development of the site and they along with assistance from other funders: Golden Leaf and NC Department of Commerce (through IDF funding and a reserve grant) have been responsible for getting the site fully prepared for construction to begin.

UNIX Dr., LLC will utilize 31.8 acres of the 83-acre business park for construction of the distribution facility to be used by UNIX Packaging, LLC to support its state-of-the-art manufacturing facility and its valued customers. This will leave four additional pads within the park for future projects.

Burke Business Park, which is in western Burke County off Exit 96 on I-40 has been recognized and promoted as a Smart-Site by ElectriCities, who will be the power provider for the site through the City of Morganton. Matthews Construction of Conover will develop the project. It is anticipated that construction will take approximately sixteen months from the time grading begins.