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cover preview of "Foothills Kids Magazine," Fall 2022 edition
courtesy of Aaron Kohrs

“Foothills Kids Magazine” Expands Service Area

“Foothills Kids Magazine,” a non-profit organization that provides free local educational content to western North Carolina schools, has announced a service area expansion to Alexander County Public Schools. The magazine has also announced the theme for its upcoming second issue: “The American Revolution in North Carolina.” The issue will be provided, in print, to students in grades 3-5 in all school districts throughout Alexander, Caldwell, and Catawba counties.

Previously published as a supplement to the regional arts and culture magazine, “Foothills Digest,” “Foothills Kids” became a tax-exempt operation in 2020 with the goal of providing community content for students. “Foothills Kids” has been distributed to Caldwell County and Catawba County schools, and with the help of new sponsorships from local businesses, will now expand to Alexander County Schools.

Featured in the upcoming 44-page fall issue will be nonfiction articles focused on historical sites in North Carolina, stories of the American Revolution, games with historical themes, and fun, easy-to-do activities allowing families to learn together. The content will be aligned with N.C. Standards curriculum in social studies and tailored to an upper-elementary reading level.

The fall issue is funded entirely by local business and individual donors, including Piedmont Natural Gas, the Greater Hickory International Council, Hickory Asthma & Allergy, Sabrina Cook C.P.A., Martin Starnes & Associates C.P.A.s, ImagineOne Hospitality, Catawba Pediatrics, U.N.C. Health Caldwell, Wanzl North America, and attorney David Hood.

“Foothills Kids” seeks volunteers of all ages to support its mission. Interested parties should contact the editor at