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Wednesday, April 17, 2024

Dr. Jay Moore

Jay Moore, The Doctor of Life Insurance. Jay will speak on the various options in the life insurance arena and for those who have already made the wise choice to provided life insurance security for their families he will show you how to achieve more coverage at better rates.

Unifour Life and Retirement


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Wednesday 3/20/2024

Lisa McCann – Female Cigar Expert

Female cigar expert Lisa McCann, and owner of Tailored Smoke, will be speaking on the latest trend of women smoking and enjoying cigars. Changing social norms and a rise in female empowerment has significantly grown the cigar market for women.


Wednesday, February 21, 2024

Doug Frye, Spinnaker Financial

Doug Frye, a wealth strategist with Spinnaker Financial speaks about battling the four horseman of the financial apocalypse. Learn the plans that the government, banks, Wall Street, and corporations use to separate you from your money. What’s your plan to combat the four horseman of the financial apocalypse?