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Discolored Water Reported in Caldwell County [UPDATED 12:18 p.m.]

According to a press release issued by the City of Lenoir this morning (January 22), some residents in Caldwell County are experiencing discolored water.

The issue arose as the result of a stuck valve caused by sub-freezing conditions. The shut-off valve failure caused a backflow in the city’s water system for about 45 minutes Sunday morning (January 21). In the process of freeing the valve, scaling in the line was released, causing brown and dingy water in the Baton & Cajah’s Mountain communities. The issue has now spread to Lenoir and other portions of the county, including Sawmills. The Baton Water Corporation, Lenoir Public Utilities, and Caldwell County Water are actively flushing lines to clear the problem.

According the city’s Public Utilities Department, the water system did not lose pressure during the event. Although discolored, the water is safe to consume. Customers with discolored water should try flushing their water lines for 30 minutes. If the water is still discolored, wait a few hours and try flushing again. As water is consumed or flushed, the water clarity should return to normal.

The City of Lenoir has also reported a water main break at Mission Road and Spartan Drive. In addition, the city’s Temple Hill Tank is down.

The City of Lenoir provides water and sewer service to Lenoir and Hudson residents. In addition to direct service, the city sells bulk water to the Baton Water Corporation, Caldwell County, and the Town of Sawmills.